Why Run?

     Running. One of the most respected sports, yet one of the seemingly least approachable. Putting one foot in front of the other, pounding the pavement into infinity. Whether running for competition, fitness, or love of the sport, simply putting one foot in front of the other can have so many benefits.

     Easy To Pick Up: All you need is a supportive pair of shoes and you can do it! Sidewalks, tracks, parks, and trails are pretty much a staple of any community, so no matter where you live or even if you’re traveling, it’s easy to find somewhere to run.

     Clearing the Head: Whether stressed, angry, or sad, running can provide shelter from life’s problems. The longer you run, the easier it is to let go and just focus on the moment. Runs can also be a great time for thinking out problems and making decisions, too.

     Building Muscle: Running doesn’t do a lot for your arms, obviously, but the activity builds up muscle in the legs and strengthens them as well.

      Self Esteem: Running is an automatic confidence booster. Nothing beats the feeling after setting a personal best time in a race, going for a long run, or just running for a long time- you feel unstoppable!

     Runner’s High: This is a real thing. Pushing yourself on a run without completely overdoing it leads to a release of endorphins, which are essentially a painkiller for the body. The longer you run, the more likely they are to kick in- which is why some people can run a half marathon and still feel good after!

     Fun With Friends: Running is easy to do with a group, especially with your good friends. Going at conversational pace, even only for a few miles, is a great way to catch up with friends. And even if no one you know runs, it’s easy to find a crew to run with- many cities and towns have running groups that will take anyone, no matter their ability!

     Energy Boost: Going for a run is a great way to wake up before work or class, even if you have to wake up at the break of dawn for it. The energy from the run will rule out whatever fatigue from waking up early, but still makes it easier to fall asleep at night!

    Although running can seem difficult, it’s a worthwhile sport full of epic fun, plenty of friends, and endless health benefits. No matter where you live or your ability, it’s easy to jump right in.