Why Thrift Shop?

A hobby that has become extremely popular throughout the fashion world is thrifting. Thrifting is exhilarating because you can find terrific pieces for a cheap price. The process of thrifting takes more energy but in the long run, money is saved, and it is better for the environment. In addition to these benefits, thrifting is an exciting activity to do in your free time. A wonderful way to spice up a Sunday afternoon would be to go to multiple thrift stores with some of your besties, grab some lunch, change into your thrifted clothes, and take a photoshoot in your new fit. Work it!

Saving Money While Thrifting // Thrifting can be a hit or a miss depending on many variables. Although, when the day comes that someone donates name brand pieces, I can assure you that you will never shop full price again. An Adidas t-shirt can be found for two dollars in the t-shirt section, that is usually forty dollars on the Adidas website. Sometimes at thrift stores a top will still have its price tag on it, ensuring that no one wore it before you. Some vintage brands that are commonly thrifted include Tommy Hilfiger, Levi, Adidas, and Nike. The amount of money you can save while taking up this ambitious hobby is thrilling and should allow you to stress a little less about your shopping budget.

Environmental Benefits // Buying clothes second hand is one of the many ways to help decrease pollution. The more you thrift shop the more you donate. Therefore, the less things being bought/sold decreases pollution because these items do not have to be manufactured.

Today, vintage is the go to style, and thrifting will ensure that you look great and feel great about the benefits second hand shopping creates.