Top 5 Apps for College Students

1. 24me

This app is a must for staying organized – it is your own personal assistant that alerts you of everything you need to get done. All you have to do is log in your daily tasks, events, or notes in the app or in your phone calendar, and it will sync everything together. It alerts you when you want it to, and it also can connect to your contacts through the app. Another great feature is the connection to the GPS on your phone. You can log in the location of where you need to be and it tells you how far it is. It also provides the weather on top of the screen for you if your location is connected. This app has everything you need for staying on top of your game.


2. Quizlet

Quizlet is a website that offers different online study tools such as flashcards, matching, testing, and more. What’s even better, is that they offer it as an app now. For on the go commuters, this is the perfect study tool when the bus ride to class is an opportunity to study for a class. You can create on the app just like online, and it allows you to store all of your saved study sets in a folder.  


3. Google Drive

Google drive is a great app that connects you to all of the different programs that are a must for college students – google docs, sheets, and slides. You have to have a Gmail to access all of this, but most schools use that as their primary email. All of the work that you do on this is saved every minute online, which is reassurance that none of your hard work will be lost because of a dying computer. You can organize your work in different folders to stay on top of everything for school. This has been a major help for me throughout college.


4. Focus Keep: Work & Study Timer

Doing homework with a million things on your mind can be extremely hard. This app is a timer that gets you into the habit of focusing on a specific task for a certain amount of time without burning out. This splits your time into 25-minute segments with five minute breaks in between. It helps you stay dedicated to your work without losing focus.   


5. Companion

Companion is the perfect app for college students that have late classes and long nights. Walking to your car alone at a parking lot far from the campus is especially scary when it’s dark out. Or for people living on campus, it can be intimidating to walk to the gym or residence halls when it’s late. Companion allows you to add whoever you would like to be your “companions.” These people do not have to download the app, and are given a link that links them to a live GPS map. If your phone senses that you are running or if your phone fell, the app will ask if you are okay. It will allow a 15 second period before notifying your “companions” about your safety.  You are also given the option to call the police on the app. It’s definitely a safety net when walking by yourself at night.