Top 5 Products for Natural Curls

Photo by  João Silas  on  Unsplash

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash


Growing up with multi-cultural curls was not easy. I always struggled with what products to use and how to style my hair. Luckily, as I grew up, the representation in the hair industry for natural multi-cultural curls grew rapidly. Here are some of the best products for stubborn curls.


1. Controlled Chaos

Receiving this hair product as a gift was a blessing in disguise. I was blown away with the results of this product, hence why it is number one. This product was first shown on Shark Tank, and has sky rocketed in popularity in the curly hair industry. All of their products are organic and not tested on animals, which makes it all better. The best recommendation is to get the bundle pack, which comes with a hair cleanser, hair moisturizer, and curl crème. The curl crème applies smoothly to washed hair and air dries beautifully and soft while holding your curls all day.

Bundle Package:


2. Ouidad

Although Ouidad salons have been around for a while now, they are getting a lot of recognition from the curly hair community for their amazing work. Along with the salons that specialize in curly hair cuts, they offer many great products for different types of curls. The best product for after-shower multi-ethnic curls is the Curl Quencher. This product is lightweight and does not dry out your hair or leave stubborn flakes. It controls the frizz and does a great job with maintaining beautiful curls throughout the day.

Curl Quencher:


3. DevaCurl

DevaCurl is another rising name in the curly hair world. There are a lot of salons that offer DevaCuts for girls with different types of curly hair, along with their products that work wonderfully. They are another cruelty-free brand, along with being silicone, paraben, and sulfate-free—which is perfect for tangly hair. The most popular product that is talked about by many curly girls is the Buildup Buster, which does an amazing job of stripping your hair of all of the products and environment stressors that build up over time using a micellar water cleansing serum. For after the shower, the Ultra-Defining Gel is great for styling and shaping your curls to perfection without making them crunchy.

Buildup Buster:

Ultra-Defining Gel:


4. Miss Jessie’s

Miss Jessie’s is another salon that has been around for a while and is constantly coming out with amazing new products for curls, specializing in multi-ethnic curls. In my experience, the best product for my type of hair is the Multi-Cultural Curls. This is a soft and light weight wash n go styler. It smells amazing, and does a fantastic job with maintaining my curls without frizzing up a ton. Another product that is amazing is called the Pillow Soft Curls. This one is not meant for extreme definition in your curls – it’s a product that will make your hair soft, fluffy, and smelling beautiful.  

Multi-Cultural Curls:

Pillow Soft Curls:


5. Shea Moisture

Last, but not least, Shea Moisture is another awesome curl brand that offers a lot of different types of products for different types of curls. They are another brand that is cruelty free and leaves out harmful ingredients such as parabens, formaldehyde, propylene, and more. One of their most popular and best products is the Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie. This is a product that will leave your curls moisturized and defined with the best ingredients. Another great product by Shea Moisture is the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen Grow and Restore Edge Treatment – this is amazing. It truly helps with edge growth and adds a nice, clean shine to them. Overall, their products with Jamaican black castor oil work with keeping your hair healthy and growing.

Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie:

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen Grow and Restore Edge Treatment: