Tiny Sunglasses


First introduced by the 1960’s groovy fashion style, round, small sunglasses are back. You may have seen well-known people on the runway sporting this sunglasses style. Kendall Jenner, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid are commonly found blocking the sun rays with these unique shades. The most popular shape is round for these sunglasses, yet every shape has been seen from rectangle to hexagon. Bold colors like red, yellow, and orange are frequently found polarized in these small glasses. Aside from these factors, the most important part of these shades is the miniature size.

Rihanna // Rihanna hopped on this trend in the summer of 2017, wearing Andy Wolf white trimmed sunglasses at the Cannes Film Festival. You could say Rihanna brought back the tiny sunglasses trend because she pulled off the shades better than anyone ever before.

Bella Hadid // Miniscule shades were worn by Bella, Roberi & Fraud sunglasses, in all black. The theme of simplicity is being tied into the fashion world. The smaller shades, the daintier jewelry, and nude colors are all simple yet most popular currently.

Kendall Jenner/// Inspired by Kanye West, together Kendall and Kanye attended Oddfuture’s runway show wearing transparent, small brown sunglasses. Kendall has a fashion that is a little of every style all put into one. She wore this vintage look one night and the next day it is likely she could be wearing a modern dress through the streets of Hollywood.

Here are some cheap tiny sunglasses for you to shop, to hop on to this trend!


High-Polish Round Sunglasses/// Forever 21///7.90

Replay Vintage Oval Sunglasses/// Forever 21/// 12.50

Replay Vintage Cat-Eye Sunglasses/// Forever 21/// 25.00

Vintage Square Shape Full Frame Sunglasses/// Zaful/// 10.90