Beating the Mid-Year Slump

Photo by  Estée Janssens  on  Unsplash

At the beginning of each school year, back to school can actually be kind of exciting, even for those who dislike school the most. Everyone gets all new supplies, you see all of your friends you hadn’t seen over the summer, and it feels like a fresh start. By the time the cold of winter sets in though, all of that beginning of the year motivation seems to fade away. It seems like summer break is eons away and there’s no end in sight. The weather doesn’t exactly help either in terms of eliciting feelings of joy. So how do you beat that dreariness of winter, and stay motivated and optimistic throughout the entire year?


Have something to look forward to // With summer break so far away, it can often feel like there’s nothing to look towards and that the school year is never ending. To combat that feeling, it is important to keep busy outside of school and do something fun for yourself. You can look at that fun activity as a reward for any work you do and know that you just have to make it to that event. As an example, know that to get to that movie with your friends on Friday you just have to get through your work that week. This way you maintain motivation and have something fun in sight rather than something that is 6 months away.


Make school fun for you // Even for the most energetic and positive student, school can sometime feel like a drag that you are obligated to just get through, but it doesn’t really have to be like that. Doing small activities, such as taking your notes in random colored pens or in fun calligraphy fonts can make such a difference in you wanting to get work done and you may not even realize it.


Keep organized // It’s so easy to get frustrated and just give up on homework as soon as things get messy and you can’t find anything. Try keeping an agenda or color coding your classes to ensure that nothing gets lost or put in the wrong place. This can be one of the more difficult undertakings but is so worth it in the end and makes your life way easier.


Have small goals // With keeping motivated so difficult during the winter months, it is so important that you have something you’re constantly working towards. One way to do this is just to have daily or weekly goals that you want to work for. For example you could say that you want all of your history homework done by 6pm. This holds you accountable and gives you a quick deadline that you want to meet.


Don’t let school consume you // Students these days often take school so seriously that it takes up every second of their day. Although this can be productive in some ways, it can be counterproductive in others. Having school be your everything can be extremely overwhelming and lead to negative effects in your attitude and mental health. It can make you grow to dislike school, so therefore it is so important to have outside hobbies as well that allow your mind to just take a break.