Photo by  Brooke Lark  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Going to college and finding ways to eat healthy and go to the gym can be hard, but it is manageable. Not many people understand that your mental health will help you get through the stress of attending school and why it is important to find balance in eating healthy as well as going to the gym. With just five simple plus quick steps, prioritizing yourself is a major aspect needed in life.


Eating a sufficient – good balanced breakfast: Although it is always said, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Waking up early before class is always hard, but having breakfast is what will get you through the day and kick start your body to wake up. Having a protein bar or cereal bar doesn’t count especially when you think it will last you until lunch time. Chances are you will be hungry again in an hour. Waking up twenty minutes earlier in the day can make a huge difference and will allow you to have enough time to eat a breakfast that is nutritious. Anything from eggs to pancakes will fill you, but always make sure to have some fruit on the side. Breakfast used to be my least favorite meal of the day and now turns out I love waking up early just to eat before class. It even turns out that I can get through my day until lunch without my stomach growling.


Meal prepping- I’m sure everyone has seen on some sort of social media someone meal prepping on a Sunday for the entire week and thought they were insane. In fact, meal prepping is the smartest idea when it comes to wanting to eat healthy, but never having the time during the week. Sunday is always a slow day for most people and within an hour you can have an entire meal done for the week. I wasn’t able to start meal prepping for myself until sophomore year of college when I lived in an apartment with a kitchen, so for all those who have a kitchen or access to one, I would definitely recommend planning out your week of what you will eat every day. Eating healthy is the biggest way to lose weight and if you can’t make it to the gym, you will at least know you are eating healthy.


Finding time to go to the gym at least 4 times a week- With all the stress that comes with school and the tons of homework and extra activities, the gym is the last thing on one’s mind.  My freshmen year of college I had no desire of working out because I thought that with all the walking around campus I would be fine. Turns out that wasn’t true because freshman fifteen does exist. Whether you are able to make it to the gym for thirty minutes to an hour four days a week will definitely help you both mentally and physically. No one wants to gain weight in college especially with all the crappy cafeteria food. I highly recommend finding a friend to workout with as well as setting up a schedule in which you can work out at some point of your day. If not all, most colleges have fitness classes FOR FREE and they tend to be early in the morning or late at night in which you can’t use the excuse that you have class. That is the perfect opportunity to grab that friend and make the most of those classes.


Get enough sleep- Sometimes, with all the chaos going on and the pressure to maintain your grades, sleep is the one thing many college students lose. Many feel that sleep isn’t a priority with everything else going on, but sleep is what should actually come first. Developing a sleep schedule and healthy habit will make it easier on yourself and staying on a fitness goal. Don’t pull that all - nighter to study for that big exam the next day because without sleep you won’t be able to stay focused. Instead of going out to party with your friends, stay in and study for your exam and change your priorities around. Take that short thirty-minute nap in between classes and stay hydrated. Hydration and sleep are two simple, but easy ways to remain healthy and not lose focus.