Notre Dame Tour


University of Notre Dame Fast Facts:

  • Located in South Bend, Indiana (just under two hours from Chicago and three from Indianapolis)

  • 8,624 undergraduates

  • 75 Majors and Minors

  • #18 National University according to US News and World Report

  • 18.7% acceptance rate


     The three hour drive to Notre Dame from Indianapolis could almost lead one to believe that South Bend and the university are just another sleepy farm town; nearly the entire drive is miles of farmland and sparsely populated areas. However, entering South Bend and stepping onto campus offers a big change from the small city’s quiet surroundings. Even on a cold and windy day, the university was bustling, filled with spectators and fans gearing up for the next day’s football game.

     Founded by Catholic missionaries in 1842, the school stays true to its religious roots; 81% of admitted students are Catholic and gameday masses are popular with students, alumni, and spectators alike. Still, the school welcomes students of other Christian denominations and religions. The school prides itself on serving the community and puts an extra emphasis on community service during admissions. Those accepted tend to continue giving back throughout their time at the school, as 80% of their students participate in community service activities.

     The school is also strong academically, with 20 research facilities, a #2 ranked undergraduate business school (Mendoza), 11 libraries, numerous study abroad programs, and a #20 ranked law school.

     Student life thrives as well, with more than 500 student clubs and activities. The school has no sororities or fraternities, but uses a hall system. All incoming freshmen are randomly sorted into dorm halls, which are essentially teams and highly competitive against each other in intramural sports and other competitions. The school also fields several varsity sports, which means students will always have a game to attend. Their lacrosse, basketball, and football teams consistently rank among the best in the NCAA, leading to exciting games.

     The school’s architecture is Gothic-esque and truly beautiful. The Golden Dome, or the Main Building, is not only gorgeous from the outside, but houses several beautiful paintings detailing Columbus’s journey to the Americas. Their athletic facilities are top notch, between the historic football stadium, the Purcell Pavilion for volleyball, and the several fields that house soccer and lacrosse.“Touchdown Jesus”, or the mural on Hesburgh Library right outside of the football stadium is a campus staple as well.

     Between a beautiful campus, world-class academics, and fun student life, Notre Dame truly has it all. You can learn more about the university at