Sydney Travel Guide


From the iconic image of the Sydney Opera House to the sun-drenched beaches, Sydney is a city known ‘round the word. While it is an incredible city, it’s so huge and busy that it’s sometimes easy to get overwhelmed and not know the essential things you should do when you visit. The list below will help narrow down what you want to do with your precious time.

Sydney Opera House // Obvious? Yes. Essential? Absolutely. The opera house is truly too much for words; from shiny white tiles to the luxurious seats and curtains, everything about this iconic landmark screams gorgeous. Getting a guide at the tourist center is most definitely worth it; the guides are friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. You will learn all types of interesting tidbits about the opera house, like, for example, the architect never saw the finished building in life!

Taronga Zoo// This is also a must. Just a quick thirty minute ferry ride away from the harbor is one of the world’s most critically acclaimed zoos. From wandering around with kangaroos to getting lost in the underwater creature’s world, the Taronga zoo has an exhibition for everyone. The highlight is the Koala interactive experience. Though you may need to book ahead during the heavy tourist season, this incredible experience lets you interact with the koalas hands on.

Darling Harbor// Darling Harbor is a harbour that consists of numerous shops, cafes, restaurants, and a plethora of other fun activities to do. The upbeat nature of the place is really what gives it its charm; whether you’re simply sitting on a bench enjoying the view or shopping till you drop, you are sure to have an amazing experience at the Darling Harbor.

Botanical Gardens// Large expanses of grassy areas, ponds, and beautiful flowers fill up this elegantly put together space. It’s the perfect place for a morning jog or an afternoon stroll; you can also stop by the adorably quaint cafe located in the center. Also, as a bonus, most of the garden has a spectacular view of the opera house.

Manly Beach// Most people will recommend to go to Bondi Beach when you visit Sydney. While, yes, Bondi beach is beautiful, it is completely overloaded with tourists. You can hardly find a place to sit on the beach and the stores along the road are a bit too touristy. However, fear not! Manly Beach is the perfect option for you. A short ferry ride away, Manly Beach’s vast and open beaches are far less crowded. Plus, there are more options for restaurants and shops.

Remember, this list is just the beginning. There are so many more things and places to explore in Sydney, so this is just a jumping off point. The most important thing is to have fun and soak in all of your amazing experiences!