Living Each Day Joyously

Photo by  Brooke Cagle  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

     Known as the joyous people who pass us by in life, they are the most lovable strangers, who smile for no reason, find peace in sticky situations and laugh in the face of worries. Others wonder what their secret is to being able to live each day in such a state. We can’t help but focus on everything undone, events that need to be planned, the task that go unfinished and the people we have yet to contact. The truth is there's no secret recipe to living each day to the fullest with joy.  No matter what kind of mess seems to be unraveling throughout the day, there are a few reminders as to how to stay joyful.When we find gratitude, soak up moments within today, and look within ourselves at the start of each day comes joy.

     One life changing ability is to find the beauty in each day. Rather than point out what went wrong or dwell on what could’ve gone better, focusing on the positive can open our eyes to everything going right. From the moment we wake is when our attitudes matter the most, they set the outline for the type of day we could have. Most of us won't wake up with a smile but that's okay. The point is to recognize the things throughout our day that make us smile. Finding something to be thankful for is a great start to finding the joy that will put a smile on our faces.

     One thing to be thankful for is another day or being alive. There's a simple joy that comes knowing today is a gift. We have an opportunity to make the most of it, and live in the moment. Each moment that passes by can never be replaced. The hands on the clock only turn one way. When we see that each day is precious no matter what happens in it, we become overwhelmed with joy.

     Taking a step back to look within ourselves offers joy as well. Taking a few minutes to meditate before, during or at the end of each day, allows for reflection. Not on what didn't go right but within ourselves. It's time set aside for reflection of our attitudes, behaviors and approach towards that day's events. If it didn't go the way we would've liked, this time can be used to evaluate how we could've handled the day differently. It also is time for finding peace and resting in ourselves. The same type of peace that's married to joy, even if things didn't go as planned.

     Joy is an emotion, and a feeling. Just like happiness they both share a couple of things in common. They are both a state of mind. They can each be triggered by multiple dependents in our daily life. True joy is triggered when we realize there is no object needed to bring joy. It's realizing that everything around us can bring us joy when we choose to look at each day in a different light.