Great Things Come to Those Who Don't Wait


“All good things come to those who wait.”

This is a saying I have heard most of my life while growing up. I always figured that if you are patient and you are a good person, good things will continue to happen to you - if you just wait for them. Not having to do anything at all to be successful had a big appeal, but what if I don’t want to wait? What if we all have the ability to go after something we want, and take it?

Once I realized that nothing is going to get accomplished by sitting around and waiting, I started to do more things for myself. I began to make something of myself. I set major goals.

Self-motivation is not always an easy thing to have. I have spent a fraction of my life waiting for things, like the perfect relationship to sweep me off my feet, or for an awesome internship to fall into my lap. I’m sure that some people do get this lucky in their lives, but I would rather work hard for everything that I have than say, “Well, I just got really lucky.” I want my success to be earned, not handed to me. After all, I’m not a Kardashian, so the chances for that are very low, anyway.

Growing up, my mother was an incredible role model. She was a hardworking parent who always had a steady job and made an honest living. My mom traveled all over the world for business, and sometimes multiple days would go by where I would not see her because she would be working late nights or traveling to a new city. She has always been very successful in her career, but she never expected (or wanted) a “congratulations” or a “thank you” from anyone. Keep in mind, my mother has no college degree - every success she has ever had she has gained through personal and professional experience, not any kind of luck. And she continues to work hard everyday, and not once do I ever remember my mom saying, “It was just some good luck.”

Fall semester of my senior year in college, I took the best class of my college career. It was called “Leadership in Groups and Organizations” taught by a professor who is a Managing Partner at a consumer Public Relations agency in New York City. The main goal of this course was to get students prepared for the workforce, particularly with dealing with leaders, so every class would begin by my professor reading us an excerpt from the New York Times about advice CEO’s have for job-seekers during the interview process. One particular week, students were asked to converse in a discussion board amongst their classmates, and the question of the week was: “How are you planning to approach taking ownership of launching your own career?” Notice how the question does not say, “What job are you waiting for?” He wanted us to talk about how we, on our own, are making a brand for ourselves in order to be appealing to potential employers. This was a wake-up call.

(Side note: Check out my professor’s book, “101 They Never Taught You In College” by Mark Beal, found on amazon-

This particular class is exactly what I needed senior year as the real world is approaching slowly but surely. It got me thinking, “What AM I doing?” Although this is a scary thought, I had to check in with myself - “Actually, I’ve been doing a lot!” Sadly, I know many people my age who have not done anything towards their career at all yet, and that gives me anxiety.

I have had multiple part time jobs throughout college while being involved in extracurricular activities, all while having a full course load and even making the dean’s list some semesters. This shows that I have excellent time-management skills, and I can handle having a lot on my plate. I have also had two different internships; one where I was a writing intern who tutored students who were learning English as a second language, and it advanced my writing skills to the next level. The class I mentioned pushed me to look for the internship I am currently doing now where I am the communications for a small startup media company. No matter how small, each job or each class I have taken has made me become a well-rounded and independent individual.

What I am trying to say is, if you want something - go for it. If you wait, you might miss an incredible opportunity because you weren’t proactive. Anything is possible if you really want to make it happen, but it won’t happen by sitting around and believing that the perfect opportunity will appear in your email one day.

I constantly strive to better myself in not only the professional way, but also the personal way - I want to be satisfied with the life I have, and the only way I will be 100% content is if I know that everything I have is because I tried really damn hard. And even if I fail, so what? At least I showed that I have ambition by putting myself out there. If I fall, I will stand up, and try again - because after all, that is what life is all about. Ultimately, I hope that all of this  hard work will pay off and lead to a very long road of success.

Good things don’t come to those who wait - good things come to those who hustle, and the best things come to those who “do!”