Four Must-Visit Museum Exhibitions of Washington DC

1. Parallel Universe at Artechouse: 1238 Maryland Ave SW, Washington, DC 20024

Tucked away between corporate buildings and a short walk from the Orange Line Metro, Artechouse is a one of a kind technological museum showcasing sensory and electronic art that interacts with the user. Their current exhibit, Parallel Universe, creates an immersive experience of black and white projections. This feature is perfect for out-of-the-world photographs, and it is also a perfect location to bring young children to. Tickets are low-cost and the entire array of displays is open to the visitor to move through at their own pace. Artechouse also provides a unique photo-taking location comprised of a blue wiring background for a snapshot memo of your visit.

2. The Marines and Tet at the Newseum: 555 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20001

You can never go wrong with the multitude of exhibits featured at the Newseum, which celebrates the First Amendment through manifesting it in historical exhibits honoring the journalists, wars, and leaders of America. Every visit to the Newseum imparts new knowledge and perspectives, and this is a perfect location for those interested in the historical contributions the arts have documented. The Marines and Tet exhibit is a haunting documentary of the mass attacks that the North Vietnamese waged against cities such as Tet. It captures photographs of American and Vietnamese soldiers and incorporates interactive paneling to engage the reader in its message. This is perfect for those interested in American foreign policy and world history.

3. Sweat on Their Faces at the National Portrait Gallery: 8th St NW & F St NW, Washington, DC 20001

Similar to the Marines and Tet exhibit, Sweat on Their Faces is one of the most well-curated exhibits in Washington DC at the moment that documents history. Sweat on Their Faces focuses on the social implications of industrialization and the growing exploitation of coal, railroad, and factory workers in the 20th century. A truly eye-opening exhibit located in the heart of DC, Sweat on Their Faces is a must-see for those interested in 20th century America and the growing groups of working women, children, and African Americans.

4. Manefestipi at the National Museum of the American Indian

The Manefestipi exhibit is only an installment for a limited time, but the unique amalgamation of the concepts of America Manifest destiny and the age-old symbol of the tipi for the Plains Indians who followed the buffalo of America. Set in surrounding darkness, the luminescent tipis of the exhibit are colorful and are set against displays of Native scenery and sounds. This exhibit is extraordinary for those who are looking for something that amalgamates history with modern innovation to make a political and social message. The exhibit draws discourse to the currently marginalized Plains Indians on American reservations and highlights the lack of social attention these groups receive. It also stimulates discussion about modern portability of architecture and living environments as our planet gets more and more crowded. All in all, Manefestipi is the perfect exhibit for those looking for innovative art projects.