Ways to Avoid Second Semester Slump

Photo by  Kiana Bosman  on  Unsplash

Photo by Kiana Bosman on Unsplash

      Second semester: the bane of all students’ existence. As the weeks drag on, it’s easy to lose sight of past goals and expectations for oneself. So-called second semester slump often peaks around spring break, when the school year seems to be on the downhill and finals in the near but not too near distance. Although it may seem easy to simply give up on schoolwork for the rest of the year, remaining focused during second semester is easily doable. Here are several ways to stay on top of school and continue working hard during second semester:

     Organize Study Materials// This may seems like a basic tip, but keeping track of notes and assignments plays a big role in staying on task. Between binders, folders, and notebooks, it’s extremely easy to keep different materials for different classes together and organized. Altogether, this is a simple way to encourage oneself to actually want to study.

    Keeping a Planner// Organizing and writing down assignments, events, and reminders in a planner makes it much easier to focus on succeeding throughout the semester. Utilizing a planner to write down due dates and occasions weeks and even months in advance helps with staying on to top of life as it comes and makes it easier to manage.

    Stay Refreshed on Material// Although it can be easy to forget information as soon as one finishes a unit on it, this is not a great situation because that same information will most likely be on a later test or final. Quizlet and Khan Academy are two great ways to review past and present information for a variety of subjects. Both are websites as well as apps, making them an easily accessible way to review.

    Make a Bomb Study Playlist// This may seem small, but music can play an important role in staying on task. Although classical music is often promoted as the best to listen to while studying, listen to whatever works for you! Sometimes different styles of music can prove better to listen to for certain subjects (eg. Hamilton for history, classical music for reading a difficult essay). Finding a variety of music to listen to while working on assignments is a great way to push out distractions and remain focused.

     Stay Balanced// An important part of staying focused second semester is leaving time for not only schoolwork, but me-time and having a social life. When only focusing on school, it’s easy to become burned out and defeated. By creating time to relax or be with friends, a healthy balance is created that should ultimately give one a break from schoolwork and should leave one rested to return to working hard.