Luck is Luck.

    Some days we all have a bag full of luck, other days we don’t. A lot of us take that as us being failures and won’t be able to succeed at anything in life. But, we shouldn’t let it be that way. We let small disappointments dictate who we want to become in the future, but it’s never too late to start trying to redo your life into something much greater, something that really speaks you. Take a leap of faith and don’t look back at the luck that you didn’t have. Look forward to the luck that will come. We’re all humans and we all make mistakes. But, it’s truly a part of life. Because without mistakes, we probably wouldn’t have any luck at all. So, let’s all write a check list of things we want to accomplish, set goals, and strategize plans we can make to reach those goals. It can be a small list that eventually becomes longer overtime, but having this makes you see a clear vision of what you feel needs to be accomplished.

      Luck is much greater when we take a step to reach our goals. Be your own person and never let anyone stand between what you see for your future. Because your dreams are your dreams and no one can implement them into your world except you. Always remember that luck comes in many disguises, rather it’s receiving a bonus from your job, a stranger paying for your food at the fast food window before you approach to pay for your meal, or finding a one-hundred-dollar bill on the curb that will help you with commute to and from work all week. Even small things like these can impact your life a lot. It’s just that simple. For example, you’ve been low on cash and wondering if you must call in sick to work because you may not have a way to work all week until payday hits (which unfortunately is at the end of the week). You contemplate on taking a loan out, but your credit hasn’t been that great lately. But, finding that one-hundred-dollar bill helped you not only have gas to commute to work the whole week, you have a little left over to squeeze into your savings account for safety reasons relating to situations like this. This type of luck not only becomes something big for you now, but it will later in the future as well.

     But, luck is luck. It happens sometimes and it doesn’t. It’s just like gambling. You win big sometimes and other times you walk away with nothing. So, let’s leave luck where it is, in the air.  There’s no need for a good luck charm, sock, shirt, etc. Because no matter the obstacles that flies our way, we can all definitely reach our goals on our own.