Post-Grad: What's Luck Got to Do It?

Photo by  JodyHongFilms  on  Unsplash

Photo by JodyHongFilms on Unsplash

With the impending doom and gloom of post-grad life, anxieties naturally bound about what employment position to secure or what summer internship will best prepare you for graduate school. After all of the office hours, late-night study sessions, and group presentations, how do we begin to schedule our lives around the future?  Here is a list of things to do in preparation for post-grad.


Your classes, internships, and student organizations have all prepared you for this. You have experience with what you like and what may not have exactly stirred your interests. Take the summer to figure out if continued schooling is a natural inclination for you or if some traveling will help you stabilize your mindset.


Gap years can be fun!

If necessary, take a gap year after college or high school to figure yourself out. Often, in the hustle and bustle of college life, a person can either truly find themselves or lose touch with themselves. It is up to you to decipher what desires and goals are best for your emotional, physical, and mental well-being.


Realize your worth!

Don’t settle for what you think you deserve! If entering the work force full-time, don’t be afraid to negotiate your salary or take as many interviews as possible before deciding on a position. If pursuing higher education, think about your studies and personal accomplishments, and then choose a school that will not only accommodate those interests but will challenge them as well.


Scheduling will become your best friend!

After college, the luxury of free time becomes a norm. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, and schedule some “me-time.” Similarly, remember to make times for your personal hobbies, family members, and friends. Pursuing a professional career is certainly an accomplishment, but it cannot completely erase your social life.


Pursue your interests!

While temporary jobs are certainly necessary to help figure out one’s professional goals, make a goals list and seek to accomplish it. If you don’t have a clear path for success, a person can sometimes slip into the monotony of a nine-to-five job that never clearly satisfies them intellectually.


Heed the advice of your professors, mentors, etc.

Often times, the people that have watched you develop academically know more about your strengths and weaknesses than you do. Their professional advice is meaningful, and while it cannot be the sole motivator for your personal decisions, listen to them and don’t be afraid to ask questions about their own experience in the workforce or pursuing a higher degree.

Post-grad is certainly an adjustment, and while sacrifices and changes will be noticed and made, remember that there is no set path for your life. As long as you pursue your interests and set goals for yourself, there is very little to stop you or your ambition. Just remember, this is another step in your life, and don’t forget to enjoy it!