What Does Forever Mean?

Photo by  Seth Reese  on  Unsplash

Photo by Seth Reese on Unsplash

No one really takes forever seriously. Forever is supposed to mean eternity, through thick and thin, hand in hand. I cry, you cry. I can look at my soon to be husband and honestly say that I am so in love with him. There is so many ways I can define my fondness for him. When I look into his eyes, I truly see forever in them. Grabbing ahold to a dream that only we can have together. I see a family that we've created together, a home that we built from the ground up, even a few pets that we took in as family. I mean, this is truly the perfect life. When I see forever, I see a fairy tale that never ever ends. It goes in different directions rather it’s a good or bad one, but the passion never fades.

Forever means something really deep to me. It means the deep power of love, the foundation that holds the act of love together. It's crazy that forever could mean this much, right? But, who can really handle forever? Only the ones who have real love. I’m not joking when I say this. Love is pure and real. It takes time, hard work, and dedication to see forever in someone. Because let's face it, not everyone is that "forever type". I don’t think I can see forever in anyone else. Let’s go back and reverse that, I know I can’t, because without him, I’m nothing, no family, no foundation, no love. We're a team, and that’s what makes our forever, forever. I see a bright future that only him and I can chase and capture. I want the dreams that I have for us to become reality. Because truth is, I can’t be happy without it. 

Forever is such a powerful word. Just saying it makes my body tremble. It gives me that comfort of knowing that no matter what, my fiancé and our son will be there to pick me up, and help me to succeed. They are my forever. My present and my future. I hold only them in my heart. I couldn't let a single soul come between that, because it can't be taken from me. I’m binded with them, through eternity. Forever is just that deep.

Forever reminds me of trying to put out a massive fire with paper. You keep throwing paper at it and it will just keep growing. Well, that's the power of forever. Things may get ugly, but with real love, a greater solution will bring us closer together.

You can't have forever without love. You can't have love without forever. They're a duo, and without one it’s an equation that can never be solved. This is what forever means to me. Deep, powerful, emotional, eternity, and unconditionally. If I can't have forever, then there is no love for me.