Overcoming the Stress of College

Photo by  sydney Rae  on  Unsplash

Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

Being a young adult can be hard, especially when college takes up your entire life. We have all had those days that we ask ourselves “Is this really worth it?” “Do I need a degree?” and the answer is yes. Life is about balance and finding the balance between classes and ‘me time’ can be tricky, but with these three steps anyone can do it.

1. Spend at least six hours a week going to the mall, out to eat, hanging with friends or working out. This will clear your head and I promise you your grades won’t drop. Everyone needs to take time to relax and enjoy the freedom of being at college. Schedule out your Sunday’s for studying and doing errands, therefore go to that big party Friday night and enjoy yourself. Don’t lock yourself in your room cramming for that big test because chances are you won’t remember half the information. It is better to take study breaks and study in intervals for your mind to absorb all the information.

2. Not everyone lives close to home or is able to come home whenever they want, but those that do take advantage of coming home. Whether for two days or a long weekend, being with family can help put your focus elsewhere. Don’t bring any books home with you, don’t check your email and don’t look at your class syllabus. For those who aren’t able to come home, plan a weekend getaway with your friends to a nearby town or city. Getting away from college for a weekend is worth it especially when you take advantage of not having work to worry about.

3. Try not to overload yourself and think you can get everything done in one time frame. College student’s biggest problem is they tend to cram because they have horrible time management. Take help of the library and your professors office hours. If you have a deadline on an assignment don’t wait days before or even the night before to start. Take the time in advance to outline and prepare, which will help your thoughts flow and your work get done easier.