The Out Crowd

     Human nature calls us to fall in line with the majority, to visualize thoughts of popular beliefs. Our minds are herded to dress up in the same jackets, pants and shoes just like the other girls do. Our eyes are hooked onto beauty regimens for flawless faces of perfection, like the girls who have a million friends and who magnetize crowds with their looks. We’re so desperate to be accepted that we pretend to participate in activities outside of our interest and play the role of what we assume will grab peoples attention. Our truest selves are often locked away, while we swap out the chosen mask but not without first looking into the window of social media for a glimpse of everyone else's. We have the key to letting ourselves free by acknowledging the importance of being unique. When we stay true to ourselves we become more confident, learn the benefits of standing out and learn to embrace the differences within ourselves as well as accepting the differences of others.   

     During the trials of trying out different masks, we may come across multiple errors, including loss of confidence. The more we attempt to change, hide, or keep our truest selves locked away the less confident we become. Rather than building confidence with bricks of individual greatness, we build ourselves up off the encouragement others throw at us. Our decisions, appearance, opinions and entire way of being can quickly be based on how well fed we are, from those we circle around. When we lose our confidence we lose a piece of ourselves. Including the part of us that doesn't think twice about what anyone else says or thinks. Confidence comes naturally when we become comfortable with ourselves, revealing all parts of who we are and learn to accept our differences.

     The goal isn’t to fit in, it’s to stand out. We weren’t created differently to be the same. There’s a spark within each of us not meant to be put out by our own insecurities or the influence of others. It’s because of our differences that we admire each other. When we admire our own strengths, others will honor our courage to boldly do so. We have to find the spark that makes us glow, there may even be multiple sparks. Seeing the sparks in others can be simpler than recognizing the beauty of our own. Not only do we need to acknowledge what makes us great, we have to find joy in what makes us unique. Only then can we proudly stand out.

     Admiring the differences within us leads us to one of life’s greatest lessons. We are each uniquely designed not for the purpose of comparing, to dwell that some have the title of runway model or play with the green monster called jealousy because some naturally have socially attractive personalities. Our differences are what should bring us together to admire traits and qualities that we may not have within ourselves but continue loving others for the strengths that make them shine. No more comparing or dwelling on what we don’t have within ourselves. The time has come for celebration of everything we do have that makes us stand out from the crowd. The ones who don’t understand will lose out on getting to know some amazing people and may not be comfortable stepping out of the crowd for themselves. It’s up to us to lead by example, to show that the in crowd is overrated. We don’t need a crowd to show how amazing we are. We have one life and that’s plenty to take advantage of and shine the way we’re uniquely created to.