How to Make the Most of NYC Without Going Broke

Photo by  Anthony DELANOIX  on  Unsplash

New York City is one of the most unique places in the entire world, with its fashion and culture, it’s hard to be bored. There is honestly so much do and see all in the most populous city in the US. Although New York City has my heart, I will admit that one of its biggest downfalls is how expensive everything is. Just as everything is bigger in Texas, everything is more expensive in New York. On the bright side, there are ways to work around this and do all the most popular activities without cringing while handing over your credit card.


1.Broadway Rush Lines

One of the most iconic New York activities is seeing a Broadway show. Tickets for performances can be super expensive though especially when going directly through the official ticketing websites. Although, you may not believe it, but it is possible to see 5 Broadway shows of your choice all for under $200, the average full price for one orchestra seat at a popular show. Even more, what if I told you that you could see all 5 of these shows in orchestra seats? Well, most shows on Broadway have something called a rush policy. What this means is that if you show up on the day of the show that you want to see at the theater before the box office opens, you could have access to $30-50 tickets for the show that day. These tickets are often in the orchestra and have a great view. Often times, these seats are the ones reserved for the family and friends of cast and crew or celebrities that were not reserved. Another version of this policy is a Standing Room Policy where you buy your ticket for a similar price at the back of the orchestra. Most times, if the show is not sold out you may be able to snag a seat in the orchestra for the second half of the show. Most of the popular shows have this policy including Hello, Dolly, Waitress, and Spongebob!

2. Public Transportation

To be honest, if you want the full New York experience, using public transportation is crucial to it. Many people who live in New York City use the subway and other public transportation methods for the same reasons that I am suggesting to you. First off, it’s so much cheaper. Taxis and Ubers are 3-4x the price of subway ticket and take twice the time. Uber especially often has surcharges that make going under 2 miles $25-30. The subways has trains running around every 5 minutes and you can go virtually anywhere in the 5 boroughs for just $2.75.

3. Walk Around

Finding places to eat that isn’t fast food and cheap can be a daunting task in New York. Although, there are hidden gems that you probably wouldn’t think twice about walking past them. Walking around New York and paying attention to what’s around you can help with finding some of the best places. One of my favorites is the Starlight Deli on 44th St between 7th and 8th Ave. It seems to be a local favorite for natives and has some of the best sandwiches around.

4. Lodge Outside of NYC

If possible, try to choose a hotel outside of NYC. There are so many on the border of New York and New Jersey that are half the price of NYC ones. The ones in New York are honestly really small and very overpriced. Many in New Jersey are super close to a train station that will have a direct line to NYC. This small trip on a train is so worth it when you’re saving hundreds of dollars on hotels.