Getting Creative: Graduation Caps


With the eagerly approaching graduation season upon us, creativity is an important artistic tool to remember when planning a graduation ensemble. While many people choose to decorate the caps with vibrant colors and meaningful quotes, some opt for a quieter route by representing their school colors loudly and proudly. To help ease the stress of cap-decorating, here are a few tips to consider!

Remember what college means to you. Don’t be afraid to invite some friends over and throw a crafting party! The main point of cap-decorating is commemorating the people and the moments that have meant the most for you. While some of your friends may have some creative ideas, don’t lose the most important creative spirit for the cap: you.

Prioritize the best moments of your college experience. If a particular lyric has drastically shaped your college experience, don’t be afraid to include it as a large memento. If you are continuing to pursue a higher education, represent your new school while still basking in your college memories.

Measure before going to the crafts store. More often than not, you may be overpaying for stickers, feathers, and even buttons when only one of them will fit properly. Plan out the vision for your graduation cap in your head, and always check Pinterest for inspiration!

Use extra space for shout-outs. We all have family members and best friends that have gotten us through the most difficult times, and now is your chance to let them see how much they mean to you! Nearly every student will be wearing the same gown, but your cap might even help your family members spot you easily when receiving your diploma.

Visibility is key. If you will be using press-on letters or adhesives, make sure they can be visible both in person and on camera. Graduation pictures are a necessity, and you want to make sure that your cap will show off all of its (and your!) best qualities.

Check that your cap fits before decorating! Oftentimes, issues, such as stability and security, make a huge difference. When accepting your diploma in front of a large crowd, you want to make sure that people are staring at your bright smile, not your graduation cap on the floor.

Never compare your cap to a friend’s or even to a stranger’s cap. Each person has found their passions and interests in a drastically different way, so do not get upset if you might have too many passions to put on your cap or even if you feel like it is not enough. A cap is an accessory, and it does not determine how ‘successful’ you were in college.

Enjoy every minute of graduation! Even if your cap does not look nearly as close to the vision you had in your head, just enjoy it! Sometimes, an unfinished graduation cap is just as creative and meaningful as a completed one. After all, some argue that graduation is an end, while others consider it a new beginning.