Maintaining Creativity

Photo by  Debby Hudson  on  Unsplash

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

I think throughout all of our lives we have all experienced a slump of creativity where we feel uninspired and without direction. The longer these slumps last usually, the worse they feel. The best way to avoid these slump is to just maintain creativity and inspiration. There are so many simple ways to keep your creative juices flowing and stimulate your mind. These five easy activities can keep you super creative and inspired to steer clear of a creative block.

Journaling //

Writing down your thoughts can do a lot more than you might think. Journaling can help you organize your thoughts and release your emotions off your chest. The beauty of journaling is that you can write about anything, nonfiction or fiction, an outlandish story or a personal one. This enables you to unlock thoughts you may not know you even had and therefore bring out some creativity. Another way to go about journaling is to write down your dreams. Dreams can be another way of channeling your inner thoughts and can bring amazing ideas.


Vision Boards //

Vision boards are super awesome for illustrating your goals and keeping in mind the bigger picture. Along with looking really pretty and being generally fun to make, vision boards can give you new creative ideas through the making of it. While making them, you can think about what makes you happy and therefore what inspires you.


Visit Creative Places //

Go to a museum, theater, or concert! Doing these fun activities unintentionally immerses you in a creative atmosphere. Surrounding yourself with other creative things can bring out your own creativity and give you your own ideas. Believe it or not seeing other people inspired can make you push yourself to experience your own creativity.


Travel and Explore//

A huge part of getting into a slump is routine. When you do the same things every day, you run out of new things to see and do. Keeping your life exciting is a huge way to maintain inspiration. Exploring a new area near you or traveling can give you a new outlook and change things up. Even something so simple as taking a walk in your neighborhood and getting outside is beneficial compared to sitting in a room trying to force creativity.


Speak to Other People //

Collaboration can be one of the greatest tools to create inspiration. Bouncing off ideas with another person can help show the validity of your ideas if you’re doubting them. As people always say, two brains are much better than one! Speaking to people from other backgrounds can be even more beneficial because it provides a different perspective that could open your eyes to a new idea.


Don’t Force It //

If you’re in a slump the worst thing to do is try to force creativity. Inspiration should be natural so sitting down for hours and coming up with something that you’re not entirely happy with just isn’t worth it. Step back and take the time you need to revive your creativity to create amazing things!