Punta Cana Travel Guide


From the soft sand to the transparent water of Punta Cana, paradise seems to not be so far away after all. Punta Cana is in the center of the Caribbean attached to Haiti laying in between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The culture of the Dominican Republic is fast pace and free spirited.

Fruits// There are many exotic fruits that are found in Punta Cana. One that I had the opportunity to try was la granadilla. The taste was similar to a sour skittle. The bitter taste was strong and unique to any fruit I had ever ate before. Coconuts are also a popular fruit that specific machete experts can cut for you. The machete experts will even climb to the top of a palm tree to find the right coconut for you.

Snorkeling// One of the many activities that are available in Punta Cana is snorkeling. When fully immersed into the water it is like entering a new mysterious world. There are a variety of corals, fish, and sea creatures.

Dancing// I had the experience to learn some dance moves from an expert at the resort I was staying at. The fast and highly hip incorporated dance moves are fun and exhilarating. There was never a dance move that was supposed to be serious, everything had high energy and was personalized.

For a get away from reality, Punta Cana is the place to vacation to. If you have never been to this adventurous destination you must it to your Bucket List. The undeniable smile will not leave your face all while on this utopian excursion.