Best Apps For Walking

Photo by  Brooke Cagle  on  Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

With spring finally being in full swing, our excuses for not exercising due to uninviting weather conditions finally go out the window. The simplest way to get healthy and in shape is going for a walk. It doesn’t cost a thing and we’ve all got to move from one place to another somehow, so why not use our own two feet to combine business with pleasure? We’ve selected three different apps to put some spring to your step and make walking extra enjoyable.

Walkr combines a step-counting app with a fun, galaxy-themed game. It lets you become a space explorer, discovering new planets and extending your solar system. The more you walk, the faster a new planet will be revealed. You can choose a type of a planet you want to discover as well- animal, plant, cuisine, festival or random. Its fun, quirky vibe and creatively designed planets- from sushi-themed to zombie’s cemetery one- make you want to catch ‘em all. // Available on AppStore and Google Play.

Runkeeper is one of my favorite apps when it comes to moving altogether- be it walking, running or riding a bike. Its aesthetically pleasing, gorgeous design makes me feel instantly motivated. Connect it to your playlist and press “Start”. Every once in a while, it tells you how far you’ve moved, your average pace and how many calories you’ve burnt. It also tracks your route through GPS and puts it on a map. It compares your previous scores and pushes you to do better. // Available on AppStore and Google Play.

Charity Miles is probably my favorite discovery when it comes to fitness apps. It’s an app that donates money to an organization of your choice for every step you take. Charity Miles works with sponsors that give a certain amount of money for being able to advertise their content for the app’s users. The best part is, the ads are very discreet and don’t bother you at all. There’s a different money-to-distance count for whether you choose to walk, run or bike outside or inside. I use it every single day the second I leave my house, because it works in the background while raising money for a good cause. // Available on AppStore and Google Play.