Must-Have Brushes for Curly Girls


For those with curls, the type of brushes you use is imperative to keeping them healthy. Curls can be extremely hard to brush, especially if you have kinkier curls. But detangling is something that is a must when you have curls, as much as it is a pain. Using the wrong brush can result in excessive hair breakage, which no one wants. The key to healthy curls is always detangling them the proper way – not tugging or letting the curls break a ton. Luckily, there have been great innovative products to do the job right. Here are some of the best brushes for those with hard to detangle curls.

The Denman Brush //

The Denman Brush has been around for a while, but is recently gaining popularity. After using it, I can understand why it has blown up around the curly community. When the brush was first used in my hair after a wash, I was expecting it to be painful. Honestly? I did not even realize the brush was being used on me because it was absolutely painless. The brush’s teeth are flexible and do not tug on the stubborn tangles. It also does an amazing job of getting all of the lose hairs out. They offer brushes with a different number of rows for those who might want to avoid a lot of hair breakage. The best part about it? Once you have your product in your hair, brushing the Denman brush through it can define your curls to make them shape beautifully. My favorite part of wash day is just running the brush through my hair and letting the curls form naturally. Overall, the brush is amazing and I highly recommend it.


KareCo Tangle Buster Flexible Paddle Brush //

This is the reinvented paddle brush, and I love it. I was skeptical at first, because I have been using paddle brushes to detangle my hair my entire life. This brush is amazing in the shower – it does not tug on the hair when it gets knotty. The separate columns of bristles allow for the flexibility to not tear on the tough clumps that are hard to detangle. It is all I use now to detangle my hair in the shower and after getting out of the shower. I ditched the usual paddle brush and have yet to look back. It is less of a styling brush, and more for detangling purposes. However, it does make curls look nicely defined when brushed through with product in.

Conair Wide Tooth Shower Comb //

I’ve been using Conair’s wide tooth shower combs for ages. Recently, they redesigned the teeth of their brushes to have rounder edges instead of sharp. Since this change, I noticed how much easier detangling my hair has been. It does not tug at the tangles as much as before, making it a significantly less painful experience. It tackles any hair texture in or out of the shower. Just like the Denman brush, this brush also allows your curls to naturally form when you use it. I like to use this comb when styling my hair just to get an extra bounce out of my curls.