Road to Beautiful


Beauty is more than facial cleanser, perfectly curled strands of hair, flawless foundation that mask the spots on our cheeks and more than a flowy blouse. The truth is our physical appearance can invent pretty but doesn't define beauty. At some point throughout each of our lives we may find ourselves struggling with the battle between appearance and beautiful. The battle ends here. This is a guide on the road to beautiful, no products required. The only must have for this journey to begin is each of our smiles armed with open hearts.

The first thing needed on the road to beautiful are soft hands. Hand creams and lotion will be of no assistance. The way to soft hands is extending ours to help others. Soft hands come when we offer to hold someone else's. When we reach out to lift up someone who may be in a dark place soft hands are sure to follow. They are gentle and kind as if a person of their own. Soft hands reach to grab things, giving to others who may fall too short to touch. Resting on shoulder tops, soft hands offer encouragement. Soft hands are important because without them there would be no room for a caring heart.

The next must have are gentle lips. Lip balm and home recipes won't be good enough. The words we choose to speak make our lips smooth, soft and are food for our souls. With smooth lips we drop a ladder for others to climb who may feel stranded. The words we speak can shine brighter than a flashlight guiding others. Smooth lips are the bridge for powerful words to guide others to shelter. In order to use our words to the fullest we need to be able to see clearly.

Another must have on the road to beautiful are open eyes. The best eyes don't include colored contacts, mascara or fashionable glasses. Clear vision means having the ability to admire each individual's physical appearance and loving the heart that goes unseen. Clear vision is having open eyes to see that each and every person is made of differences but all share one common interest. With open eyes we see that each and every single person in this world just wants to be loved and needs to be loved. Open eyes pave way to see other people's beauty.

The last thing needed for the road to beautiful are glowing arms - not the artificial kind of glow but the kind that are open to accepting all people. The kind of glow that comes from accepting and including everyone for who they are. Arms that glow so much they scream welcome, and let everyone know they belong. Arms that stretch out to anyone in need of a hug, wrapping around them to remind them they are loved.

All of these are must haves in each beauty bag. The road to beauty has nothing to do with what money can buy but everything to do with our character inside.