You Are Worth It

Photo by  Tim Mossholder  on  Unsplash

     We live in a cluttered world, surrounded by strangers, and nonsense that doesn't matter. No wonder it's so easy to begin feeling as if we go unseen behind the scenes of life, sometimes wondering and worried that we may not be important or feel valued. Life can get so overcrowded that we may begin to feel like we're not worth it. The train of thought on the tracks of wondering if we're good enough, have reached the end of the line. We should never have to question our value and worth but here's a few reminders for when we get caught up in the midst of life and are blinded from how much we're truly worth.

      One of the best ways to begin reminding ourselves of our worth is to understand how amazing we are. A lot of our self worth is built with the image we perceive of ourselves. No matter if it's a positive or negative image, our self worth holds the weight of it all. We begin by realizing how great we are and recognizing our gifts, talents, the specialties from within that make us unique and being proud of them. This helps us see that not one single person in the world is just like us, and that alone should give us something to smile about. It helps us see that each and every one of us are one of kind.

      When we realize we are each made up of so many differences and specialities we can begin to feel more valued. Like a rare diamond or precious stone that has only one of its kind existing in the world, that's how we begin to see ourselves. We are each valued so much that we're irreplaceable.

     Another way to see how much we're worth is to have constant written reminders. Placing words of encouragement, sayings for self motivation or quotes that will help remind us of our greatness.

     It's also important to surround ourselves with people who will help to remind us- good friends, coworkers or family who effortlessly shower us in love. Even if it's not directly said being the presence of good company can help us see how valued we are.

      Another important reminder is to know that feelings of loneliness, feeling left out, or even unloved is something a lot of people experience. It's nothing to feel embarrassed about or feel that we should hide. When we feel these things it's important to find someone we can trust to open up to.

     Sometimes life happens, the good, the bad and the ugly but the truth is most of the time we just need someone to listen. When confiding in someone who genuinely takes an interest in our life and well being we automatically feel loved and valued. It's also a two way street. It's important we're able to be there for others who may need a good friend reminding them of how much they're cared about.  

      The feeling of unworthiness is a dark and cold one but it doesn't have to be when we realize how much we're worth, valued and loved by more than most of us will ever know.