Making the Most of Music Festivals


Never underestimate the power of some warm weather, fantastic music, and great company. Now, as colorful sunset hues and glimmers of sunshine sneak in through the bleak period of snowstorms, outdoor music festivals offer an early invitation to summer. Here are some tips and tricks, as well as a list of upcoming music festivals to look forward to!

DO: Wear tons of sunscreen!

Although we may be craving some sunshine on our dry, winter-induced faces, do not forget how potent the sun can be.


DON’T: Pack too much!

Music festivals are crowded and hot, and you shouldn’t worry about lugging around a suitcase worth of belongings. Just the essentials, along with your ticket and a bottle of water, should work just fine.


DO: Stay hydrated!

While security guards are everywhere to protect those suffering from dehydration, you should always be prepared for the exhaustion and excitement linked to large crowds. Drink lots of water, and remember to eat throughout the day as well.


DON’T: Invite everyone you know to come along!

Music festivals are tailored to either a specific genre of music or a set of similar musical genres. If you arrive with too large of a crowd, you could miss out on watching one of your favorite bands while everyone else takes a bathroom break.


DO: Keep your phone charged throughout the day! (Bring a portable charger too)

While you shouldn’t use your phone throughout the entire day, you won’t want to miss an opportunity to take pictures and videos of some of your favorite musicians. Don’t forget to document the best moments with friends too.


DON’T: Forget to make a road trip playlist if you’re going to be traveling with some good friends!

There is nothing worse than driving without a soundtrack to the road trip. You will definitely remember the most exciting moments from the festival, but don’t forget to figure out the best way to get there: with some great tunes hooked up to the Bluetooth.


DO: Have a general plan for your day!

Some bands/performers are on different stages at different times, while others may have autograph signings at a particular time and place too. Figure out who you’re most excited to see, and then make it happen.


DON’T: Wear something uncomfortable!

The likelihood that you will be dancing, walking, and standing around is very high, so make sure to come prepared with a comfortable outfit fit for the weather. Sneakers are a must, especially when you think about how many people you’ll be surrounded by in the crowds.


DO: Bask in the moment!

Remember to put your phone away for a little while, and enjoy the fleeting moments of happiness that inevitably arise at music festivals. Be friendly and relaxed, and bask in the summer bliss.


Some upcoming music festivals to look forward to include:

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - Indio, CA      April 13-15, April 20-22

Electric Daisy Carnival - New York, NY      Dates TBA

Firefly Music Festival - Dover, DE       June 14-17

Governor’s Ball - Randall’s Island, NYC    June 1-3

Vans Warped Tour - Various cities     June 21-July 23