Relieving Stress Creatively

     Stress is something everyone deals with. But not everyone knows how to deal with the constant feeling of stress. It is important to have those coping mechanisms in order to relieve your stress, otherwise it could build up quickly and become harder to deal with. One of the best and easiest ways to release stress is by doing it creatively – art! Art is a relaxing and fun way to relieve stress, even if you are not amazing at it. There are so many different art activities one can do, and they don’t have to be extensive. According to, a study was done to prove this. In this study, the participants ranged from ages 18 to 59, and they all took part in any type of art they would like. They were tested before and after, and the conclusion was at least 45 minutes of art making reduces cortisol levels in adults dramatically. Even those that did not notice a significant change in their cortisol levels still had a positive experience and felt calm. The great thing about art is anyone can partake in it and feel a sense of peace. Here are some great ways to relieve stress through art therapy.


Coloring Books //

Colorings books are not just for kids – coloring books can be for anyone, especially because of how peaceful they make people feel. It can take your mind off of the daily stress, and gives you the freedom to focus on something else. Luckily for adults, there are plenty of coloring books tailored to them. For example, there are coloring books made to be stress relieving. Most of them have various patterns that can take a while, so it is a good distraction. But if old fashioned kids coloring books are your style, go for it! Coloring books are not just a thing of the past, so consider trying it out one day if you are looking for an easy way to de-stress.  


Scrapbooking //

Scrapbooking is also another art activity of the past, but it does not have to be. Having your images on your devices is great, but having them in your hand is even better for memories. I know I appreciate looking through old scrapbooks from when I was a kid, which makes it a great idea to do now for future reference. Finding your favorite pictures and printing them out is the first step, then finding your creative side and putting the pictures together in a book with decorations is the last. It’s quite simple, and definitely time consuming. It is easy to get your mind off of things when scrapbooking.


Paint Classes //

For those of us that are okay at art but don’t keep supplies laying around, painting classes are a must. I recently went to a “Wine and Paint” class and I had a blast. I felt so relaxed, and was in the zone when painting. It took me to another world for a little bit, and the wine was the perfect edition to the class. What is awesome about painting classes is the instructors walk you through every step, so if you follow along the painting’s come out gorgeous – even for amateurs! For those under 21, there are plenty of regular painting classes available. They are usually cheap, and only a couple of hours. It’s especially fun to go out with friends or family to the class – you can take your mom like I did, it was fun!



These are just a few of the many artsy ideas to relieve stress, but I found as I’m getting older these have been the easiest to accomplish! They are all calming, and do not require a lot of time.