Five Inspirational Women in Politics


    With midterm elections swiftly approaching in November, a greater light has begun to be shed on candidates seeking political office both on the local and national scale. The 2018 midterms are already shaping up in a unique way: more women than ever are signing up to run for office, with over 500 women signed up in House, Senate, and governor races as of March 8th. This exponential growth of women running for office is clearly awesome, and they’re joining plenty others working throughout the US in both government parties to represent women everywhere. Here are a few strong women running or already holding government jobs from various political standpoints working to better America:

     Cynthia Nixon, an actress known for Sex & the City, is running against incumbent liberal Governor Andrew Cuomo in New York. Nixon secured the nomination for the Working Families’ Party earlier this year, but has yet to receive the Democratic nomination against Cuomo. Nixon is running on a platform of promoting LGBT rights, bettering and sufficiently funding New York public schools, working to improve the subway system, investing in renewable energy, and making New York a sanctuary state. Nixon was inspired to challenge Cuomo because she feels he has given too much leeway to Republican interests and has not improved life in New York on any level. It’s still to be decided if she or Cuomo will receive the Democratic nomination for the gubernatorial primary.

      On the other side of the political spectrum, Morgan Zegers, just 21 years old, is running as a conservative for State Assembly in New York. Zegers is a lifelong resident of upstate New York and is seeking to represent Saratoga County in the assembly. As a co-founder of a family business, she has first-hand experience of New York’s heavy taxes, and wants to work to reform the state’s taxes. Additionally, Zegers wants to lower the overall cost of living, increase the job count in Saratoga County, and reform education to be more preparatory for the future. She is excited to bring the millennial perspective to the table and give voice to the youth of New York.

     Kamala Harris is the junior Democratic senator from California and will not have to run for re-election until 2022. Harris has taken a strong anti-Trump stance on Capitol Hill and has been especially critical of the revocation of DACA. Harris, as only the second female African American senator in United States history and California’s third female senator ever, brings a variety of viewpoints to the table. Her work so far has included pushing to raise minimum wage, make higher education tuition-free, and increasing the availability of affordable health care.   

     Nikki Haley, previously the Governor of South Carolina, is currently serving as US Ambassador to the United Nations. Haley, the daughter of immigrants, was the first Indian-American woman to ever serve as a United States governor and first female governor of South Carolina, and has brought her strength in breaking boundaries to the United Nations. Haley has not backed down when promoting US policy in the UN, whether wanting to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, decrying Iran’s nuclear activity, leading the charge to place sanctions against North Korea due to nuclear activity, or speaking out against human rights violations globally.

     Tammy Duckworth is currently serving as the junior Democratic Senator in Illinois and will not be running for re-election until 2022. Duckworth, before entering government, served in the Iraq War, losing both her legs. She is the first amputee Senator and the first female Asian American senator from Illinois, as well as the first and only senator to give birth while in office as of this spring. During her time on Capitol Hill, Duckworth has fought for a variety of issues, including greater access to affordable healthcare, strengthening federal funding to veterans’ programs, building renewable energy, and to reform current gun laws while also protecting the Second Amendment.

     Lisa Murkowski currently serves as the senior US Senator from Alaska and will not run for re-election until 2022. Murkowski is the first Alaskan senator to be born in Alaska, having been born and raised in the state, and has worked in the Senate since 2002. In recent years, Murkowski has supported keeping the Affordable Care Act, has taken a pro-choice stance, supported LGBT rights, and supported a well-defined strategy for fighting ISIS. Murkowski is unafraid to stick with her beliefs, clearly displayed when she publicly announced she would not vote for President Trump due to his comments about women and sexual assault allegations.