Movies to Watch When You Need a Pick-Me-Up: Vol. 1


      We’ve all been there, those days where you just want to lie around in your sweatpants and do nothing but cry and eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Well, for those situations I’ve compiled a short list of movies to keep you entertained, and hopefully lift your spirits on those days where you’re really just not having it.

      First up, 13 Going on 30! This small rom-com featuring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, tells the tale of a dorky 13 year old who wishes to be 30 (hence the name!) and depicts what happens to her when that wish actually comes true. Despite the fact that at face value this movie is one of the better romantic comedies to come out of the early 2000’s, it genuinely tells a very endearing story about love and self acceptance. Also, Mark Ruffalo is in it, which is an automatic win.

     Next...Legally Blonde. If ever there were a more iconic tale of female empowerment and the power of integrity and a good moral compass! Legally Blonde follows Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) on her journey from a superficial Sorority president to nuanced and powerful lawyer lady. Legally Blonde is a great pick me up because it is genuinely inspiring and will leave you feeling motivated and ready to ditch the couch like Elle ditches her ex-boyfriend! Not only is the movie empowering, but it’s also just really fun and has a killer soundtrack so it’s worth checking out!

     This next one may be for a different audience but I’m going for genre diversity here, not just the top chick-flicks of the early 21st century. That said, my third recommendation would be Guardians of the Galaxy. Wait! Before you jump to the next paragraph, just hear me out for a minute. While GOTG is most commonly known for its connection to the Marvel Cinematic universe, it actually stands alone as a solo film more than the other 19 do. It is basically a wild space adventure/love story/self discovery movie. There’s action but also a little romance and a talking tree and even a smart-mouthed raccoon, so what’s not to love! If you disregard the fact that this movie is in connection to a bigger universe, or even that it is a superhero movie (barely) you’ll find yourself deeply entertained by this heartful space comedy. Also, the soundtrack is amazing and I guarantee you will find your gloomy spirits lifted by the end of it.

     My fourth recommendation for lifting spirits is one of Disney’s more underrated classic movies: Lilo & Stitch. This movie follows a little girl and her pet alien-dog thing who crash landed on Earth. Lilo and Stitch explores the inner workings of a blatantly dysfunctional, non-traditional family. Much like the previously mentioned Guardians of the Galaxy, Lilo and Stitch will warm your pint-of-ice-cream-frozen heart as well as make you laugh. This movie is great for lifting spirits because it is genuinely just a really cute story about a girl and her pet alien and the meaning of family and that family isn’t just what you’re born into, but the people you surround yourself with and grow close to. Stitch is also just a really cute alien/puppy so it’s worth watching just for the cute factor alone. Who doesn’t love alien space puppies?

     Lastly for this volume of Movies to Watch When You’re Feeling Blue, Little Shop of Horrors. I know what you’re thinking, what even is that? Well my dear readers, Little Shop of Horrors is the delightfully goofy movie-musical about a man who works in a flower shop and brings a man-eating plant into the store. Of course, he doesn’t know that this plant (Audrey II) is a carnivorous beast when he acquires her but he soon finds out and bedlam insues! This movie is ridiculously quirky and entertaining and is guaranteed to lift your spirits because it’s dorky premise and charming tone are genuinely irresistible.

    Well that’s all for now my dears, hopefully this list will help you in the future if you ever find yourself in a sour mood and need a little lighthearted-something to lift your spirits.