​ Organization Tips That Everyone Needs


     Staying organized all the time often seems as if it is simply too much. However, if you stay consistent and remember the importance of organization then you will find yourself happier and healthier. Why is organization so important? Well, organization is so essential because it saves you time and reduces stress. When you find that you have to rip apart your room just to find your headphones, you are wasting time and causing yourself stress that you don’t need. Living in an unorganized environment is unhealthy for you and those around you. Usually, if you have a stressful morning, your whole day is ruined! This is exactly you need to get organized. If you follow these tips, I can ensure that you will feel better every day.


Whiteboards //

     Whiteboards may be something you associate with school and classrooms, but in reality, picking one up from the store and making it a part of your room will be key to success. You can use your whiteboard to have fun while being organized. Pick up a ton of markers in all different colors and go crazy! Write down everything you need to so that week, whether it be a goal you want to achieve like “Get an A on your paper” or a simple reminder of an appointment. Throwing in some encouraging messages or jotting down some inspirational quotes will go a long way. Another helpful hint with whiteboards is to erase something once you have done it. Getting the satisfaction of seeing a clean board is a motivation enough to get your tasks done! Waking up to seeing friendly reminders is a great way to improve organization and ensure that all of your responsibilities are met.


Daily Cleaning //

     Cleaning your room on the daily is so important to be organized. As tedious as it may seem, vacuuming, dusting, and straightening up your room every day is a must. When your room simply becomes worse and worse in condition, the thought of cleaning it is just horrific. However, if you ensure that your room never gets to the point of disaster, then just picking up one shirt or throwing out a few papers on your desk is completely manageable. Coming home after a stressful day is enough! You don’t want to come home to a mess and an environment that you simply do not want to be in. Your room should be your place of productivity and no stress. Daily cleaning is important for organization to seem attainable.


A Planner //

    This last tip may seem like an obvious one, but many people have not been exposed to the benefits of a planner. Write everything down! Trying to remember everything that you have to do is counterproductive and nearly impossible. Instead, taking the short time to write down responsibilities as they come will make you aware of just how to manage your time. A pretty planner with a lot of space inside to write and doodle is perfect. You will absolutely not regret keeping your tasks together all in a planner.

     These three tips are ones I swear by and have helped me become healthier and more positive. I have learned how to effectively manage time, encourage myself to set goals, and stay cheery. I hope these tips will help you do the same!