Spring Makeup Must-Haves for 2018


     As the wintry weather finally begins to cease and the highly anticipated season of spring arrives, it is essential to adjust your beauty routine in order to prepare yourself for the upcoming transition. Reinvent your makeup collection accordingly with the following must-have beauty products for this year’s spring season!


Pearlized Primer //

     Primer has always been a fundamental makeup product that provides your skin with a base that will smooth any unwanted texture and will preserve your makeup. Nevertheless, switching out the primer you dedicated to the winter months for a primer that aims to give your skin a radiant, luminous glow will freshen up your makeup look. Instead of resorting to a mattifying primer, try out a primer with a lightweight, silky texture that banishes dullness by awakening your complexion.




Liquid Blush //

     Blush is the perfect product to add warmth to your cheeks and brighten any makeup look. Traditional powder blush is perfectly fine, but a liquid blush is sure to revolutionize your makeup routine. Liquid blush is beyond natural-looking and still provides a high degree of pigment for all skin tones. It is also extremely blendable, buildable, and adds the perfect amount of dewiness which is vital for creating a fresh and youthful spring makeup look.




Berry Lipstick //

     Instead of turning to the classic hues such as red and pink, opt for a deeper, berry shade this spring. The trend was introduced during this season’s red carpet season by several celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Gal Gadot, and Zoey Deutch. However, there’s no reason not to continue the trend. Berry lip shades are bold, yet versatile and can add just the right amount of edge to a simple look. Although spring inspired looks are traditionally characterized by light colors, a berry lip puts a twist on what a spring makeup look should entail, which keeps your look fresh.




Vibrant Eyeliner //

     Unexpectedly placed intense colors are guaranteed to bring a basic makeup look to the next level. Recently, flashy eyeliner shades such as cobalt blue, lemon yellow, and kelly green have been used to add drama to otherwise ordinary looks. By simply lining the eyes, the pop of color adds sharpness and distinction to achieve a modern and eye-catching style. Switching from a black liner to a striking blue one, is a sure-fire way to refresh your everyday makeup routine and ease your way into using bright colors for the springtime.




Gel Highlighter //

     Highlighter, is of course, a must-have product for a glowy complexion. There is no doubt that just a touch of any normal highlighter will give you a wonderful hint of radiance and warmth. But gel highlighters take this concept to new heights. A little goes a long way with gel highlighters, as they give you a never ending sense of freshness and illumination. Not only are they unique and impactful, but they are beyond flattering for all skin tones. Adding a gel highlight to your spring beauty regimine is sure to provide you with a much needed, lightweight glow.