SheIn Clothing Review


     As a teenage girl, fashion is extremely important to my friends and I as a form of expression and creativity. Although, over  time fashion has grown more and more expensive and doesn’t seem to be getting any cheaper making it hard to keep up with all of the new trends. Therefore, we tend to resort to the cheapest options possible while still getting the cutest clothes possible. Forever 21 worked for a while, but the quality really wasn’t there, and then one day I struck gold. Youtubers began posting hauls with companies such as Romwe, Zaful, and SheIn. The clothing they had was really cute, and also deceptively cheap. Swimsuits were $10, t-shirts were $5, and dresses were at most $20. I was so shocked because the quality actually looked good compared to other failed hauls from cheap companies I had seen in the past. The clothes didn’t come with rips or look completely different from the pictures online, so I was hooked automatically. I still remained skeptical though because in the back of my mind I knew that the Youtubers were being sponsored by these companies and their views could be biased.

      One day, feeling fashion deprived, I finally got curious enough to try This website seemed to have the most accurate sizing, positive reviews, and clothing I actually liked. When logging on, the website seems really normal and super aesthetic, drawing the consumer in. The clothing on the website was all as expected with really nice photos and really cheap prices. For my first time shopping on SheIn, I purchased three tops, a pair of shorts, a purse, and a pair of Chelsea boots. Overall, I spent $58 including a 15% off first timer discount which was extremely reasonable. Normally, the boots alone would have cost that amount, making my bank account and I very happy.

      Shipping took around a week and soon enough the clothes were here. Opening up the clothes, nothing looked off at first glance. There were no obvious differences from the pictures and everything had come intact. The first item I opened, a slightly cropped grid print blouse with a collar, actually became my favorite piece of the haul. It was exactly how I imagined it to be from the picture - flowy, not see through, comfortable, and very trendy. I have already worn this piece a few times, for a few different occasions including both a professional setting and a more casual one proving the versatility of the shirt. The second piece was a blue halter crop top that I ordered in a size up. This piece ended up being a little surprising because despite going a size up it was still a little small. It wasn’t necessarily tight, but rather didn’t provide the coverage I wanted and was a very short crop top. The next was a tie cami with a checked pattern. This shirt had a bit of an awkward fit, but was very workable, and ended up looking great. Next, I got a stripped pair of soft shorts. These were also a great purchase. They fit great, were comfortable, and were super high waisted. The only downfall of these shorts was that they didn’t have pockets. As an accessory, I got a black purse with a bow. To be honest, I was really excited to get this, but ended up being really disappointed because the bag’s straps broke after the first use. Finally, I got Chelsea boots which I have worn super frequently since their purchase. They fit well, but are not the most comfortable if you are wearing them all day.

      Overall, my experience with SheIn was as expected. It was very hit or miss with some items being the biggest steal while others proved “you get what you pay for”. I have shopped from SheIn again since this first experience and had a similar hit or miss moment. Still though, I would recommend for people to shop there since it’s so cheap and you’re only losing $5-10 if an item doesn’t work out.


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