Best Ways to Stay on Top of School During Summer


     With the school year coming to a close, many high schoolers are dreaming of rest and relaxation after ten stressful months. However, making the most out of free time during the summer can be beneficial way to ensure success during the next school year. Here are a few ways to make the most out of summer down time and create school year success.

Summer Assignments// Most high schoolers, especially those in AP classes, have summer assignments in several classes in order to get a head start on the next year’s curriculum. Leaving this work to the last week of summer is never a good idea and can lead to unneeded stress going into the first week of school. If traveling over the summer, it’s a great idea to bring assignments to work on when bored or if you have down time. If at home, try bringing the work out of the house with you to a fun location like a cafe, a park, or the beach to make working less stressful.

SAT/ACT Prep// Studying for and taking standardized tests can be a stressful process, but preparing ahead is a good step to ensure high scores. With so much free time during the summer, it’s well worth it to spend time reviewing the content on the SAT and ACT whether by reading a review book, watching videos online, or taking a local prep class. This is great way to get an idea of  the two different tests, especially for those going into their junior year who have never taken the SAT or ACT before and will be taking it next spring.

Khan Academy// Khan Academy is a great tool for improving skills in many topics, including math, science, economics, art, history, and computer science. It can be helpful in getting a basis on a subject for next school year or refreshing on information for the SAT or ACT. For those who took the PSAT last fall, one useful feature is the ability to link Khan Academy and College Board accounts to see what types of math questions you missed, and Khan Academy will then set you up with practice problems in those areas.

Organize Old School Materials// When a school year ends, many materials get taken home, whether notes that would be useful for a future class, unused school supplies, or used workbooks. Organizing school materials is a wise idea in order to get rid of unneeded papers or materials, as well as set aside what will be useful in the future. Getting everything ready and orderly during the summer can be helpful when figuring out what school supplies to buy versus what you already own, as well as when looking for notes from a past class during the school year.