8 Songs to Add to Your Summer 2018 Playlist


      Summer is quickly approaching, and good summer is complete with good music. If you can’t make it to GovBall or Lollapalooza, here’s to making your playlist as if you were there.  Feel good jams to night car ride songs, these 8 songs will complete your summer 2018 playlist.

Angels (feat. Saba) - Chance the Rapper // Chance the Rapper is a MUST for any summer playlist. The modern style mixed with classic R&B gives his music an irresistible sound. Angels (feat. Saba) is the perfect song for those summer days on the beach, and for anyone looking for a good time. The song radiates happy vibes, and the upbeat tempo will brighten up any rainy summer day. (This song does contain explicit language)

Came Here For Love - Sigala & Ella Eyre // Sigala & Ella Eyre’s song Came Here For Love is full of positivity and will for sure make you sing a long. The pop song will make you smile everytime you play it. It’s perfect for a car ride down the shore, midnight swims, or just hanging with your best friends. Came Here For Love will remind you of the best times, and complete your summer playlist.

Coaster - Khalid // Perhaps this is a song you have squared away on your playlist already - but if it's not, it's time to make adjustments. When looking for a relaxing summertime song, Khalid never disappoints. From his latest album American Teen, the song Coaster is the perfect “chill” jam. The artist has a sound similar to Chance the Rapper’s, delivering the same good vibes to listeners. Play this song at the end of long day, or just when you’re looking for relaxing time

Come on Eileen - Dexy’s Midnight Runners // The 80’s was a decade were some of the most iconic music was created. Come on Eileen is the perfect summer song. It can be played in any setting, it never fails to add to the moment. This song could fit in anyone's driving playlist. Dexy’s Midnight Runners sing an upbeat song that is nothing but ordinary. The best moments happen when the song slows down and speeds back up leading to the chorus from 2:53 - 3:35. Honestly it is just the best.

Pink Skies - LANY // When looking for another great chill and relaxing song, Pink Skies by LANY is definitely one to add to your playlist. Similar to Khalid and Chance the Rapper, LANY plays to the chill vibes and calming beats. The song speaks of pink skies, which instantly gets you in the summer mood, thus making this the perfect addition to your playlist.

Full Circle - Quinn XCII // Quinn XCII has been known to blend several different genres of music, including hip-hop, pop, reggae, rock, electronic and soul. This song just screams summer, this modern sound mimics many of the top charters. There is nothing about it that could disrupt your time relaxing on the beach, and could provide easy background noise, or fun listening at a 4th of July party.

Tongue Tied - Grouplove // Although this song debuted in 2011, this song still has us dancing all night 7 years later. This summer single is the ideal pregame/getting ready song. You won't be able to stop dancing around with your best friends. As with other songs, it is an easy listen without too many lyrics so you'll pick it up easily, plus the beat is super catchy. It is worthy of any summer playlist, for sure.

Blame It On Me - George Ezra  // To close the list, this song itself is fast-paced and energetic, it starts off strong and keeps it up until the very end. George Ezra has many other famous songs such as Budapest and Paradise, but Blame It On Me brings a whole new feeling. The upbeat track radiates joy and will put a smile on your face. As with other tracks on this list, this is a good song to offer some variety from the usual pop of a summer playlist.