Five Shows to Watch This Summer


      Summer provides us with the free time and the necessary relaxation to consume hours and hours of television, often resulting in newfound favorite characters and couples. With so many mediums to watch television through, one can often get lost in the allure of reality television and crime shows.

American Vandal // Operating as a spoof of the popular mystery series, “Making a Murderer,” the show capitalizes on the current hype over crime podcasts and fan theories. Set in a high school environment, three students take on the task of unearthing a crime and its criminal while navigating unique social groups and settings. Hilarious and mysterious, it keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat, wondering if the criminal will be expelled or simply reprimanded.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend // Summer isn’t the only time to watch this amazing series, but it might be the only time that you can burst out singing any (or all) of the show’s hilarious songs without having an audience present. Heartfelt and candid, the show addresses necessary social issues using music and satire, and the breakout star, Rachel Bloom, cannot be stopped. The show just got renewed for Season Four, so I would recommend starting early!

Dear White People // So necessary in today’s socio-political climate, the show walks its viewers through the stages of numerous students of color who must confront their predominantly white classmates and school structure with instances of activism and education. This show reminds the viewer that while everything may seem like an accomplishment, some actions do more harm than good. Season Two was just released on Netflix.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine //There is never a bad time to start watching this show, especially with its quick runtime and overall comedic punches. Although five seasons of television can seem daunting, the show’s unique cast and eccentric humor provide the series with its foundational backbone. A procedural comedy about a New York precinct, each episode introduces one-liners that you will be quoting in your sleep. The show was just renewed for Season Six no longer aired on Fox, but on NBC.

A Series of Unfortunate Events // Based on the successful children’s books that we all know and love, the show’s casting provides it with its strongest support. An ensemble cast led by Neil Patrick Harris, the show’s morose plot and bleak message are dramatically and successfully portrayed by each Baudelaire child. With numerous cliffhangers and a quirky sense of humor, the show tackles the lives of three Baudelaire orphans who are sent to an evil man, Count Olaf, who seeks to steal their fortune from them. Season Three will be airing on Netflix.

Runner-ups include: Grace and Frankie, Thirteen Reasons Why, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and Scandal.