Summer Fashion Staples

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     With summer arriving, it’s finally time to pull out many beloved fashion staples and explore emerging trends. From year to year, trends often change, but there are many classic items or patterns that will work for years to come. Here’s a guide to the perfect items for this summer and many more, with both inexpensive and more pricey options available.


Sunglasses// These are pretty much a no-brainer necessity, but summer is the perfect time to buy a cute pair of sunnies. Although buying expensive sunglasses can be an investment for years to come, there are plenty of cute, less pricey options out there.



Seersucker// Seersucker is a summer classic and perfect for any occasion, whether church, a barbecue, or a girls’ night out. Buying seersucker is another worthy investment since it remains a timeless classic each year.



Flip flops// This is another obvious staple, but a cute pair of flip flops can improve any outfit. It can be fun to splurge on a nice pair to wear for several years, but many stores sell cute, inexpensive flip-flops that will last at least an entire summer.



Patterned shorts// With warmer weather finally here, there are so many possibilities to create fun outfits, and patterned shorts are a great way to do so. When paired with a plain t-shirt, they can be a great statement piece and something to brighten up an outfit.



Stripes// Stripes are an ever-popular pattern, but have become even more trendy recently due to the growing popularity of bohemian-style, free-spirited clothing. No matter the color, they’re cute with any outfit and will remain in style for years to come.



Gingham// Another emerging trend is gingham, which is most well-known for being on Dorothy’s dress in the Wizard of Oz, but today is being styled and worn in many different colors and fashions. Gingham itself is a classic pattern, and it’s well worth buying something gingham-patterned since it will remain a timeless staple.