5 Best Nail Colors You’ll Never Want to Take off in Spring


      Spring is upon us which means it is time to pack up our winter things and break out our essentials, including our nail colors! What you wear on your fingers can be the best way to accessorize your outfits or simply get in to the warm weather mood. These are the best polishes and brands that will brighten you up and prepare you for spring!

bikini so teeny by essie //This color is sweeping over and showing up in salons and on nails everywhere! This is the perfect shade of blue for the spring time that shouts warm weather. It can also be viewed with a purplish hue to it which makes it extremely versatile for whatever looks your planning for the upcoming season. This shade is everywhere, so look around as you'll probably be able to find colors similar to it by other brands as well. Try out St. Clair by KL Polish if you are looking for something just as beautiful and cruelty free!

Sunflowers by Live Love Polish //Yes, this color is very yellow, but it is not a bad thing! Many people tend to shy away from colors that seem this loud but I swear this color is a must for anyone who is looking for that pop of color on their nails. This crelly polish gives off a great glossy finish with holo flakes inside that really shine in the sunlight. This color also gives off a magenta shimmer when wearing it which looks amazing and separates it from all the other basic yellow creme polishes out there.

tart deco by essie // Tart deco is a cute coral polish that is super bright and perfect for wearing on both hands, or using as an accent color for nail art. I seriously haven’t seen a polish this bright for a while, it is the perfect way to make a statement that you are ready for the warm weather.

What’s Your Sign by Color Club // I could not make a list of spring colors without adding on a holo because the moment the sun comes out and the weather warms I break out all of the holo shades I had pushed behind those winter colors. This shade by Color Club is a dazzling silver linear holo with a tint of light pink. The moment this polish meets the sun it truly works its magic, so make sure to snatch up a a holo for this upcoming season. Check out the rest of Color Club’s line of the Holo Hues to see the other colors they offer!

Falling Petals by Live Love Polish // I absolutely love a light pink polish for the spring time and this is the perfect one. I recently purchased this shade and was in love with its formula and consistency. Opaque in about 2-3 coats, this is a light pink polish with blue shimmer and micro holographic flecks. Falling Petals looks amazing on your nails and definitely beats any plain old baby pink creme polish already out there.