Fighting to Become The Best of You

Photo by  Vladimir Tsokalo  on  Unsplash

     When you’re working on yourself, the hardest battle to fight is letting go of the people that you thought should always stay apart of your life. That’s when you can really accept the concept of change being effective. I’ve been working on this new me for years. I’ve shed so many tears and began to question the person that I am trying to become. I always wondered was it worth being a different and better person. It was a big challenge because I didn’t know how to be a better me, all I knew was the old gal. Although, when you have a family to lead by example for there is no other option, because they are always priority, when you have people willing to tear you down with whatever chance they get, that will give you the greatest strength, moving forward and acknowledging that you can do the best of things even without the support or witnesses of other people.

     It makes you wonder if having people intertwining in your life is worth helping you get to where you want to be in life. I always had a hard time accepting that no matter if I’m doing good or bad, there will always be someone researching something bad to say about me. I just never understood why people could be so evil. I could never understand why people can’t accept that maybe you want to have a great and joyous life. Although, I’ve learned to love everyone in the world, even the ones who could care less if I’m here or not because with that you give yourself the best knowledge there is to have, wisdom and happiness.

      With wisdom you have the ability to know what’s right and wrong. You are no more willing to argue and/or entertain nonsense with anyone. But that’s when happiness comes into play. When you stop wasting your energy on people who would rather see you break down than stride, you see everything in this perfect lens that doesn’t allow evil to be included in the picture. You walk forward with your head held high and continue to defeat all the obstacles that come along the way. Even when times get hard, you will be okay because you won’t have the mouths and eyes of ignorance making you question who you are. It can be hard trying to become a sane person who accepts who and what most humans are. Although, knowing is better than allowing it to fight you through your best of times in life. Knowing gives you a better guidance with the person you are trying to shape yourself into. Although, it’s easier to say you’re going to do it rather then actually doing it. So, take that handle and control your life, because you are the only person who can make a big and better difference in your life. You are the only person who is capable of being the best of you.