It can’t be Three if You Don’t Have the Other Two.

     I can write about love all day and every day, and I still wouldn’t have enough words to describe the deep connection of affection. It’s just so amazing! I’m the biggest sucker for love. I feel like a drug addict that hasn’t had their daily dosage of drugs to get them through the day calm and collectively. I just need the feelings and the emotions of love all the time. But, sometimes I must sit back and ask myself is love that addictive or am I just out of my mind? Maybe, who knows. But, I know that I can’t live without it. I think rather it’s the love that I have for my son or the fondness I have for my Fiancé. The love for each is two different elements, and it makes me feel complete.

    It’s a deep void that can’t be filled when I search for love that can’t be found. It’s like running in a constant circle, and you feel as if you will never find what you’re looking for. I felt like life could and would never be complete until, I meet the first young fella in my life, my son of course. He gets me through all the inadequate and the upmost pleasant days. More importantly, he is my kryptonite because if I ever lost him, life couldn’t be the same for me. He is more than a mother could ever ask for.

     Now, when we talk about my soon to be partner, it’s somethings that I’m still searching for to say in the exact amount of words. He completes us, and that’s just that. He’s our foundation and our support. He is the one man that makes our family whole. We’re two words that have been combined to create one. So, if half the word leaves, I can make it but, it won’t be easy to accept the cause and effect of it because half of the team can’t work as good as the whole team would.

     I don’t want to be whole without love, it just doesn’t make sense if I don’t have it. It’s an unbearable feeling. The love I have is pinned to my soul more than the strength of super glue. You can pull my heart out, but love will still exist in every vein in my body. Infatuation is a game and so is lust. I wouldn’t dare go near it. Love is the straight real deal. I don’t want the concept of it I want the reality of it. The happy tears, joy, and the comfort of holding all of it in my arms. Make my heart skip a few beats and dance to the sound of it. Now, you can’t tell me that doesn’t sound simply amazing.