Searching for Love


   Love is precious, sacred, never ending and made for each and every individual to experience for a lifetime. Love isn’t bargained for, it’s not for sale, not given on a first come first serve basis, and doesn’t need to be earned. This is for those who feel unworthy of love, who are in continuous search for love or feel unloved. If nothing else is taken away from this article, allow the words on this page be a reminder of just how loved each of us are, here’s how.

    We may know what it feels like to reach moments where we find ourselves dehydrated, and thirsting for love. It can be hard to feel the love we all crave, but even in the moments where we feel empty, we truly are loved. One of the best reminders is through the people closest to us. When a phone call, text or simple hangout in person takes place with those closest to you, they can be some of the strongest reminders. If we have a good circle of people around us they let us know how special we are as individuals, how important we are in their lives and may even have a special way of showing their appreciation without ever saying the word love.  

    Just recently I received a phone call from a family member who lives hours away. Because we are both so caught up in life’s events we have trouble keeping in touch every once in a while. When I received the phone call from her unexpectedly it was the reminder that we all need. Nothing was wrong, the family was okay, but the phone call was made simply to see how I was doing. When I answered the phone that one question from her led to an endless conversation that we missed having with one another. In that moment I realized that I was truly cared about. It was a two way street for that family member I spoke to as well.

   Life can become hectic in an instant so it may not be everyday that family or friends are there to remind us of how loved we are. In those moments it’s important to remember that we aren’t the only ones who feel this drought of unlove. The world is full of others who feel the same and like ourselves may not have close friends and family who can reach out consistently to be that reminder. We have the ability to be that friend or at least a one time acquaintance for strangers that we encounter on a daily basis. Without saying a word a smile is a silent hello and could mean the difference between someone’s no good day. Words are so powerful that we have the chance to make an impact even in the shortest greetings and conversations. We desire to feel love but one of the best ways to feel the love we want so badly, is to be the example of what it looks like by being that love for others.

     Like a boomerang, the love we give will come right back onto us, hitting us right where our hearts are tickled automatically triggering a smile. Some may recognize this warm fuzzy feeling inside after doing a good deed, working a service job or doing anything where our goal is to make others feel their best. When we love on others it’s not about fulfilling our selfish desire to be loved but doing whatever is best for those around us, stranger or sister. Not only is this true love but it’s the simplicity to ending our longing search for love. The cure for this dark disease of unlove is to give love.