Movies to Check Out This Summer


     It is in fact that time of the year again, and with every summer season comes the latest summer movie releases. So without further adieu, I’m going to give you the lowdown on what you should catch on the big screen, and what you should maybe hold out on the VOD release for.

     Let’s get this party started with some stuff that has already come out, but I highly recommend you check out anyways - The Incredibles and Hereditary. Wow, what a paradox, a charming children's movie and a jaw droppingly terrifying horror movie being recommended in the same sentence? I do live for the thrill of not making any logical sense! No, but seriously Incredibles 2 is a thrill and for sure lives up to the first one that was released just a mere 14 years ago. That’s not more than half my age or anything. I definitely wasn’t three when the first movie came out, definitely not. The animation is great, the voice acting is great, the characters are still great, and the story is…well that one’s just ok. While we’re in the vein of family movies, let’s discuss Hereditary. It is a family movie just not in the traditional sense. Hereditary follows a family that is struck with continuous grief and tragedy. However, as the movie progresses we begin to uncover why that is. For fear of revealing too much about the film I will stop there, and all I’ll say is that you should go see it (if it is still in a theater near you) because it is definitely worth it. It’s also just a really great horror movie and 100% solidifies the fact that the horror genre has entered a glorious phase of resurgence.

     Sorry to Bother You and Ant Man and The Wasp. Sorry to bother you is a genre breaking, age defying, social commentary, comedic romp, of incredibly talented young actors and actresses being weird and amazing for an hour and a half straight. To be honest I have only seen the trailers for this one but I already love it and that is that. If you’re looking for a little lighthearted slap in the face I recommend you check Sorry to Bother You out, but only if you are of age or accompanied by a willing parental guardian. I don’t think this is a kids movie. I think they say, shhh, i think they say curse words, ShHhHh!! Another much anticipated film gracing the silver screen this summer is Ant Man and the Wasp. The 20th entry to the beloved Marvel cinematic Universe and the follow up to 2015s Ant-Man, Ant Man and the Wasp is set before the events of Avengers: Infinity War and will key us in on what Scott Lang and his crew have been up to since the events of Captain America: Civil War. If you love superhero movies and you’re into all that Marvel stuff (that scared Marvel stuff that I am obsessed with and have dedicated a decent portion of my life to) definitely catch this one on the big screen.

     As far as streaming platforms go, original content in regards to movies are usually hit or miss. However, not in the case of Netflix’s Set it Up. Set it Up follows two assistants on their noble quest to set their respective bosses up with each other on a date. This movie is way more charming and enticing than it has any right to be. With an all star cast accompanied by Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell's undeniable on screen chemistry, Set it Up has arisen from the ashes of horrible romantic comedies, like a glorious, pizza addicted phoenix. It is available to stream on Netflix in all countries, and I really, really, think you should watch it, especially if you’re sad. It’s definitely a spirit lifter.

     A few movies that are coming out that I really have no idea about but have seen the trailers so I’m recommending them anyways, Crazy Rich Asians, Mission Impossible: Fall Out, and Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. Ok rapid fire facts lets go! Crazy Rich Asians is about exactly what the title says and it looks really cute and good and like a wild time so go check it out. Who doesn’t love watching Tom Cruise throw himself out of tall buildings? Also Henry Cavill is a beefcake! I love Mamma Mia and Lily James so go see that one in theaters too! There’s dancing and singing and Cher! Cher I tell you, Cher!

     On the VOD (video on demand/watch it at home or wait till it comes out on cable or another streaming platform I pay lots of money to only watch one show for) side of things, alas my dears, I think you’re better off staying in your warm blanket burrito than heading to theaters to see The Meg  or The Darkest Minds. The Meg centers on a reality in which the largest shark ever known to mankind is still alive and has suddenly returned to wreak havoc on said mankind. The other seems like a generic dystopian teenagers-with-magical-powers-being-hunted-by-adults movie which, please don’t spend your money on that unless you’re a fan of the books or like me, are obligated to see something in order to gather evidence for box office tracking.

     Of course these are all opinion based recommendations, but take it from someone who genuinely borderline lives at the movie theater, This guide will help you as you debate whether or not to venture out into the wild that is known as human civilization, to go see a movie. This list is also built on my own, unprofessional observations from the film community as a whole, so please by all means if you want to go see something, Go See It! I love the movies, that’s all. Happy Summer my dears.