The Stepping-Stone to Success: Practicing Self-Love and Sticking to it


“Self-love all begins with who we see in the mirror each day.  So why not put that person first?”

     YOU.  Yes you.  How are you feeling today?  Are you up to talking about how to love yourself? Do you know how?  Or does life trick you into believing you do one day and the next, that feeling disappears?  Are you overwhelmed when it comes to thinking about your self-worth? Do you contemplate what you deserve?  Do you truly believe that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to? Or do you get sidetracked by all the negativity and doubts you have?

     These are the questions that cloud our mind, pushing out all the positivity we somewhat had.  We tend to allow society to determine how we should love ourselves and when to do so. Let’s start taking control of your own happiness by practicing self-love.  If you don’t know how to start, here are some steps you can begin today.

Put yourself first. // This strategy is the most difficult, especially when you find yourself losing friends and potential relationships with the people around you.  Treat yourself respectfully and act on what you want to accomplish for yourself. If you want change in your life, it will have to start with you.  Be mindful that how you appreciate yourself is on your time and no one else’s. Self-love will always start with YOU and no one else. Putting your needs before others is not being selfish, but it a sign of personal growth.

Cut off toxic people. // Do not allow toxic people to discourage you from finding your purpose in life.  Be emotionally and physically unavailable to anyone who cannot support your decision to focus on yourself.  The only confirmation you need to improve is your own effort and always understand that it is okay. There is always a time a place for everything you choose to do in life.  Real friends will always be there and so will the opportunities to go out. Canceling outings to read, go to the gym, sleep, catch up on your favorite show, or to cut back on funds is okay.  Be around individuals who respect your goals and who understand that self-improvement is a necessity to grow as a person.

Do not compare yourself to others. // As soon as we wake up, we automatically think of how we can impress the people around us.  We dress a certain way to be accepted or noticed. We behave a certain way to maintain positive judgement.  Erase all those expectations and just be you. Behind closed doors, everyone has their own insecurities and flaws.  You’re capable of being the best version of you. Do not waste your time worrying how to be like someone else.

Invest in yourself.  // Treat yourself to something nice once a month or as often as you can!  We fail to spoil ourselves with things we love to do. For instance, read your favorite book while drinking your favorite coffee.  Take time to unwind, realize your worth and what you deserve. Go on that date you were too shy to go on, buy that outfit you thought wouldn’t look good on you, follow your passion, write, or spend a moment calming your mind.  Put all your energy towards embracing who you are and stepping out of your comfort zone. You will only experience positive outcomes and opportunities.

Self-care is essential. // Don’t forget to remain active and work out that gorgeous body of yours.  The sooner you love the skin you’re in, the faster you’ll admire your own body.  How you feel about your own appearance truly does make a difference. It’s easy to surround yourself with people who will encourage you, but even harder to find that motivation within yourself.  If you can push yourself to eat right and exercise, you can reduce the amount of stress that keeps you from putting yourself first.

Forgive yourself. // This is simple enough, right?  Wrong! We forget to forgive ourselves for the things we have done, tolerated, or the pain we’ve endured.  Yes, we are responsible for our own actions, but don’t forget that we are also responsible for what we continue to entertain.  Remind yourself how amazing you are by telling yourself that you will not dwell on the things you can’t change. Learn from your experiences and move forward focus on a better future.  

      We get it, sticking to self-love is hard, especially with a busy work schedule or a stressful relationship.  However, if you don’t practice it, you are allowing the negativity to control your life. Do not let it define you! There is only one you in the world and you need to cherish that and take care of yourself.  Your well-being should be your priority because no one will know how to take care of you better than yourself.