How to Achieve that Summer Glow


     Summer is here; so, it is absolutely essential to make sure your skin is healthy and glowing for the warm weather. Glowing skin or the Dewy/Shimmery look that is so popular among celebrities and Instagram models alike is an absolute must have for the summer. Here are a few things you can incorporate into your beauty regimen to ensure that you achieve a healthy summer glow.  

Exfoliation // Exfoliation is a major step in any skin care routine.  Exfoliation of the skin allows you to shed any dead skin cells, dirt, and buildup from sebum (waxy oil secreted by glands in skin).  In order for any lotion, serum, or cream to be properly absorbed in the body, the skin must be cleared out of any soil and debris in order for it to look its best.  This can be done either with chemical or mechanical exfoliates. Cleansing the body with products that contain AHA/ BHA will gently exfoliate the skin. Different body scrubs like: salt, sugar, and coffee scrubs will rid the skin of impurities.

In addition to this, it is also important to use facial cleansing brushes at least twice daily.

     This is a part of the exfoliating process; in addition to chemical/mechanical exfoliates, cleansing the face with the right tools is absolutely essential. There are so many facial cleansers on the market at different prices.  Find a cleansing brush in your price point in order to effectively cleanse your skin. This is important because before you apply anything topically, the foundation of your skin care routine needs to be solid. This is the first step to beautiful and radiant looking skin.

     Cleansing brushes are important because they are better at clearing away the skin from any excess dirt, oil, and left over makeup.  It clears away the debris that your hands miss. It’s as important as the difference between brushing your teeth with your finger vs. a tooth brush.  Convinced yet?

Moisturizing // After the skin is properly cleansed, it is important to immediately apply lotions or any creams.  Moisturizing the body is just as important as the face. The best time to do this is while the skin is still a bit damp from the shower.  After a fresh warm shower, the pores are still open; this is the best time to make sure all of that moisture is locked in! Using this method ensures that you achieve optimal hydration.

Oils and Serums // Serums are great for the face because they penetrate deeper than moisturizers and leave the skin with a healthy glowing appearance.  Applying body oils will also leave the skin looking polished and healthy. Using oils and serums with vitamin C, E, grapeseed oil, and sweet almond oil, are great—especially for the summer.  

Highlighter // For obvious reasons, highlighter allows you to instantly shine and glow.  Applying this in the right areas finishes off the coveted dewy look. The trick is to highlight areas of the face that naturally attracts light and sunlight. Don’t forget the decollate and parts of the shoulder as well.  This will create that brightening and shimmering illusion.

Using these tips will ensure that your skin illuminates in that summer sun!