We’ve all had seasons in life where things begin to not go in the direction we’d hoped. Maybe we feel ourselves losing our grip on classes, work, relationships, amazing opportunities or family. For many of us we have reached the point of stressing so much we tend to turn to our new companion, worry. Worrying less is tough when all we can focus on is what can go wrong, what has gone wrong, or reflect on disappointments when things don’t go our way. This is where we stop the train of worry, hauling headaches and stress, to destination worriless.

     Worrying begins to end by first taking a step back from the things that worry us. When we step back from the things that are causing our stress and worry, our minds are refreshed. During this moment we may recognize that some things are past our control and that we’re capable of tackling whatever challenges stand before us. Taking a step back could mean getting some fresh air, going for a walk, run, spending time solitude, listening to music or writing in a journal. This step is about getting out all the stress then looking at it from outside ourselves. When we change our perspective our stress and worries look smaller because we take away the giant feeling we had given them in the first place.

     One day after an eventful day of work a very good friend sensed that I was a little stressed. She asked what was making me so stressed, and I gave her a play by play of the type of day I had at work. She explained how bad it is to hold onto the days stress and carry it with me, especially now that the shift had ended. Not only was she right about that but I also realized how much bigger I was then the little things causing me stress. When tomorrow came I wouldn't even recall half of what was bringing on a headache in the moment.

     When we worry it does nothing but bring stress that does us no good. When disappointment sinks in because things didn’t go our way or when we feel ourselves begin to worry about possible outcomes that may not be in our favor, the best cure is gratitude. Recalling the things in life that are going right will help release the worries of what could go wrong. This also shifts our focus onto the positive things in our lives rather than dwelling on the negative. When we are grateful for the smaller things we’ll become our most worriless. Instead of getting our thoughts worked up over things far past our control or outcomes that haven’t happened yet or may not ever come true, we find joy in the now. Gratitude is another way of kicking out worry and slamming the door to our thoughts in it’s stressful face.

     Another way to say goodbye to worry is by acknowledging we’re only human attempting to live out an perfectly imperfect life. We can take away the power worry has by reminding ourselves that not everything will go according to plan. We won’t always come face to face with the picture perfect visions we dreamed of. Just as we feel ourselves cruising along a smooth path, something stands in our way to Most of our lives will be built around lessons from falling, making mistakes and finding ways to get around life’s roadblocks. By telling ourselves this small, simple yet crucial reminder we also are reminding ourselves how strong, brave and confident we are in ourselves.