Existential Crisis 101


     While studying abroad a few months ago, I was suddenly struck with the idea that I might be going through an existential crisis. I began to question my purpose, my being, and of course, my life. Although I’ve only been on this earth for 2 decades and my time on this Earth has nearly just begun, I couldn’t help but become aware to the fact that the ultimate responsibility is to ourselves and not the social world.

It’s perfectly normal if you’re feeling stuck over certain factors of your life. New flash: You don’t have to have it all together. For starters, existential crisis can be described as “a moment when you feel the need to find meaning or purpose in your life.” The term “existential crisis” may have a negative tune to it but it can be approached positively.

Notice Yourself in the World // Knowing yourself in the world is vital when addressing your existential phase. It’s okay to not have it all together but how you perceive how you carry yourself as a person and your beliefs, attitudes, and choices can help your push through this doubtful stage. Getting to know yourself is one of the first steps to acknowledging your existential crisis.

Be Open to Your Existential Fear // Whether you missed out of a career opportunity or gone through a breakup, be open towards embracing how you feel. Seek, ask yourself questions, and accept that this is simply a part of the human experience. If it seems too much to handle at once, seek outside sources for help.

Search or Create Your Own Meaning of Life // Build meaningful connections with people, create a positive affirmation to live by, and be aware of how your current emotions. Creating your own meaning of life will allow you to breathe easy and approach each day with an engaging attitude.

You don’t have to carry the weight of world on your shoulders, instead you can acknowledge its weight and push forward. Your existential crisis is a part of human natural and it is perfectly okay to not have everything together.