More than Enough

    We all have a dream, vision, purpose and a special something that we live to strive for - no matter what it takes, no matter how long, how many hours of sleep is lost or how much heavy lifting is required to achieve the goals we have. While chasing these aspirations it’s easy to stop and suddenly feel a sense of doubt -that we’re not strong enough to handle the hard work, that we’re not qualified enough, smart enough, don’t have enough experience or don’t believe in ourselves. When we give into these doubtful lies we fall into the trap of not enough. Here are a few ways we can end the lies we sometimes believe about ourselves and our capabilities.

     The best way to begin ending the doubts is by letting the truths outweigh the lies. In order for this to be effective we have to recognize our strengths. If we’re having trouble recalling them ourselves, friends, family and other positive resources are also great reminders.

    Recently I began pursuing a dream that I’ve always had in mind but never put action to, until now. Beginning was easy because my drive was unstoppable and my determination tends to get the best of me. After a certain point I began to have doubts of what that dream was and if was even worth continuing to pursue at all. When I was lacking belief in myself, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by encouraging friends and family who reminded me of what I’m truly capable of. Soon enough I rediscovered the strengths that I had doubted and wrote them out so that if I forgot them at some point again while chasing this dream, I could have them written out. In fact I went as far as to make a personal vow to never let those doubtful lies take control of my true capabilities.

    Another way to help recognize strengths is to admire not compare. We often find others who chasing their own dreams, goals, or seem to be further along than we are. This is dangerous territory because we easily bring down our own self confidence by feeding the lies even more. Rather than compare ourselves to others there’s no harm in admiring and letting others inspire us to continue chasing our aspirations. No one journey is going to be the same just as no individual has the same strengths. We are so unique that out of the 7 billion people in the world there is no one like us. We are the only ones living a life like our own and comparing it to others can lessen our determination and vision to working towards or goals. But it doesn’t have to.

    When we see others who have accomplished their goals or seem to know more about the failures and success of striving for their dreams to become a reality, one of the best things to do is question how they were able to do so. Understanding how they achieved their goals could be a great way to inspire us on how to reach our own goals. It could also help us to realize a very important lesson. Our triumphs, hardships and dreams are just as unique as we are individually and are incomparable to anyone else’s.