Community Over Competition


     Imagine a world where women genuinely supported each other - without condition, without jealousy, without fear. Sometimes, it seems impossible. Women are consistently pit against each other and are known for having a “catty” nature. However, so much strength and beauty can be found from realizing what can be achieved by a united front of women!

What are you Afraid of?

    If you feel strongly enough to be against someone’s dreams and desire to be successful, chances are, you are fearful of how her success will affect you. Will her events have higher attendance than yours? Will her book sell more copies? Does she have more Instagram followers? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” what does that mean for you? Do your events become insignificant? Does your own content lose its value? No! Maybe it’s time to start re-evaluating why you decide to not show love to other women who are trying to follow their dreams, just like you!

The Table

     Women all have something incredibly unique to bring to the table, even if they have similar visions. This “table” needs to be cleaned and set. Food needs to be made or bought. Someone needs to start the conversation at meal time. Someone needs to break the tension at the table. The table needs to be cleaned, etc. The moral of the story is women have a variety of roles and ways to contribute to the world and how it goes ‘round. If any of those components is missing, the experience is incomplete and quite unsatisfying!

Don’t Hate, Collaborate

    Every woman has something to learn from the one beside her. Know your strengths and be confident in them. However, also be aware of the areas in which you have room to grow. You may be looking at another woman who has awesome events, and it can be oh so easy to be envious. But instead, what can you learn from that awesome woman and her events? How can your work with her, or actions in support of her, better your community?

    In an era where women are truly staking their claim in the business world, it is so important to build each other up. If your mission is to help women better their lives, wouldn’t it be your goal to build other women up to do the same? It’s not about being on top of the industry, but growing the cause. Competition will eat away at that mission; community will expand it.


     “Don’t compare your life to others. There’s no comparison between the sun and the moon. They shine when it’s their time” (Unknown). No one can live your story, but you. No matter how similar your goals are, your light shines differently than hers. It might be a different color, even a different intensity. But it’s still beautiful, beautiful light. Add that to the next women's light, and the next woman’s. You leave so little room for darkness. That’s the kind of community the world needs.