Summer Skin Care Guide


Exfoliating can create smoother and softer skin. // Exfoliate in the morning before you do anything else to your face! It can help make-up last longer as well as creating a smoother surface for application.

Recommended: Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub

Where: Walgreens

Price: $8.49


Drink more water. // Summer has warmer days and it’s much easier to become dehydrated. Make sure you’re hydrated both internally and externally in order to keep healthy looking skin.


Moisturize  // Moisturize your skin so that it stays hydrated. It’s easy to become dry and flaky in the summer, so moisturizing can diminish this. You can also use a lotion with SPF for added sun protection.

Recommended: Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture Ultra-Gentle Facial Moisturizer

Where: Walgreens

Price: $12.49


SUNSCREEN // It doesn’t matter where you’re going or how long you’ll be there, your skin needs sun protection at all times. There are many risks of skin cancers that simply wearing sunscreen can combat. Make sure you cover birth marks really well and scars so that they don’t darken from the sun.


If you didn’t listen to tip #4 here’s your solution- Aloe // Maybe you missed a spot or maybe you didn’t think you’d burn that day but know you’re in pain with bright red skin. Aloe is going to be your new best friend for a few days. It will help soothe the heat of the sunburn and make your skin feel less tight.

Recommended: Walgreens After Sun Gel

Where: Walgreens

Price: $2.99