Summer Trends


    Trends are ongoing and recurring. Fashion is what we use to express our individuals styles and personality. Although everyone has their own style a trend is also what we need to inspire our outfits. Whether it's a camo jacket, to small shades and even a pair of fila sneaker this has all inspired our daily looks. This summer we've had many trends and things to rave about and search site to site to find. The top 5 summer must haves are vans, hoop earrings, gold necklace, biker shorts and oversized tees.

Oversized Tees // An oversized tee shirt will take a dressy outfit and make it chill and comfy. Oversized tees are in for the summer. Whether it’s one that’s a solid color or one with a rock band on it’ll take the simplest outfit and make it as stylish as can be.

Biker Shorts // Biker shorts are a must for every girl this summer. After Kim Kardashian began wearing them, they became a thing. Whether dressed up with some heels and a button up or dressed down to feel and look your best. They are the most versatile pants you can wear. They’re comfy like leggings but they’re short. A black pair of biker shorts are a must.

Multiple Gold Necklaces  // A pair of gold necklaces are everything. It doesn’t get any better. In order to make the best out of an outfit get about 4 gold necklaces that are different lengths. This will be the key the statement piece to your outfit. Not only will you feel confident you will receive many compliments which makes every women feel good.

Hoop Earrings // Hoop earrings will literally bring out an outfit. If you want to have a bare face a pair of hoops is all you need to keep yourself feeling popping throughout the day. A pair of hoops is an essential for evergirl. They can dress up your outfit for a day with your girl, to a chill outfit for a party.

Vans  // The most important thing that every girl needs is a pair of vans. Vans are in right now whether you keep it simple with a black pair or make it bright with neon pink they are sure to bring out any outfit. They can be paired to dress down and outfit with some socks on. This can even take a chill outfit and make it more stylish. A pair of vans are something that every girl needs because they're inexpensive and stylish.